Bogging Down

We seem to be nervous about hanging pictures.  They are still sitting leaning up against several walls, all in their individual crates.  We have one large box with several pictures and a dozen or so unpacked placed here and there.  Exactly two have been hung.   Actually, I don't think we have enough walls for all the pictures and mirrors we brought. 

The house is organized but still needs tweaking here and there. I'm pretty happy with everything except the kitchen table and the sofa.  I'm bogging down though and resting on my laurels enjoying the house instead of finishing up and hanging the art. 

I have noticed that the house has a curious hollow sound sometimes and I believe it's because the walls are empty.  The beautiful walls that have been triple treated.  Walls that have been primed, knock down patterned and painted a soft latte color called Cream in my Coffee. 

We hung the new vintage look clock three times before it looked right.  Now we are thinking about moving it.  We hung the long shelf with pegs in the laundry room twice before it was correct.  The extra holes are hidden but I freeze whenever I see the hammer!  The long shelf had four hooks. 

We have told ourselves we have all the time in the world.  Verizon came in and set up the cable, Internet and my phone awhile back.  Life returned to normal except  HGTV now features prominently in my viewing schedule.  And Nate Berkus.

I'm happy I brought  my bamboo screen over objections.  It has really come in handy.  First I hid the blank TV and now I use it to hide the large unpacked paintings.  At least until we get over being nervous!


Patty said…
I always needed someone to help me hang pictures...Nervous is a good word to describe the feeling! Remember, you can cut out the shapes of your artwork in brown paper and hang them up with tape to see how you like the arrangement first! And would like to see more pics of the house!

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