Resurfacing for a Moment

So, I am just showing you a peek at the new house.  The renovated bathroom!  I'm not finished, but after hanging the shower curtain last night it now looks like the room I envisioned from a photo I found online and used.  The shower curtain represents to me underwater plants swaying with the movement of the ocean.

I did not mean to let so many weeks go by without a word!  I had forgotten how intense it is to move and unpack.  I didn't know when you are 24 years older than your previous move (where you swore, and meant it, that you would never, ever move again) that you would tire more easily and not be able to settle in at the same rate of speed.

I was able to safely move my beloved fish watercolor to Florida where it fits nicely on the wall behind the door.  I also brought the antiqued flower hook I bought years ago and never hung.  It exactly matches one of the shades of aquas in the shower curtain even though it looks very blue in the photo. 

We haven't installed the fixtures.  A Pottery Barn brushed nickle towel bar, towel ring and a hook.  I also have a matching brushed nickle towel bar with a glass bar.  All these items came from my "warehouse" of a garage where we stuffed the remnants of my online business.  Ten percent of which I sold, twenty percent of which I gave away and the rest I regretfully left.

The sandy walls and aqua accessories are perfect for my home.  A home that would overlook the Gulf of Mexico if it was on a hill.  A big hill.

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