New Port Richey Fibre Arts Group

I've been working with a friend,  PprmntMochaMama about meeting up for a knitting session regularly and forming a group here in the area and yesterday was the first planned meeting!  Unfortunately PprmntMochaMama was not feeling well and didn't want to expose us to anything unpleasant so she had to miss, but we carried on and three of us met at Starbucks at HWY 19 and Gulf in New Port Richey at 10:30 AM!

I love the atmosphere and the comfy seating and my mom, Joanne scored us a great spot on the roomy leather sofa while I ordered.  A coffee table in front and room for three was perfect.   My Peppermint Mocha Frappe was in honor of our missing Woolie and we got out our projects.

My sister, Karan, breezed in a short time later and joined us.  She decided not to learn to knit this week but brought her sketch pad and art pencils and practice sketching faces.  We were willing subjects and I do wish I had asked to photograph them.  They were great!

We moved to the other wall where Karan could sit opposite and work, a very cozy corner that I would choose for next week.  There was plenty of light and the long sofa bench was very comfortable.

 Joanne was hard at work crocheting a beautiful baby blanket that she started some time ago.  Crochet is her specialty and she made five baby blankets for her five great grandchildren born last year!  She tries to keep one ahead, but oops...this one will be needed in January!

Joanne found a great corner to sit relaxed with a propped foot and a few scones for the session, enjoying the company of two daughters.

I swear I'm not sunburned even though I'm a new Floridian!  I'm working on a baby vest.  I finished the back before the move and haven't picked up my needles until today.  I felt so at home sipping my coffee, out kitting with friends again.  I miss my South Dayton Knitters!  They are the best! Two and a half years they have seen me through my first project to this last one, where I finished the back half of this vest at the Farewell party at Pam and Mary's!

Now I'm looking forward to finding new knitting friends here and being visited by my Ohio knitters here in Vacationland!  Today we had fun and good conversation, relaxing until 1:30 PM before reluctantly departing for home.

If you are in the area, please join us on Wednesdays AM at the address above!  No stress, no dues, no roll call.  Just drop in with your knitting or other handwork and introduce yourselves.  We are all new!


Patty said…
I wish I could be there too, it just seems so cozy! I want to learn to knit, too!
Kortney said…
Jeannie, I'm so happy to see you settling into your new home and surroundings. We're unpacked but I haven't found a knitting group yet, I may just have to create my own again.
Sounds like fun, knitting groups are great

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