The Garden Shop

We enjoyed the weekend with Janet and James.  It was impromptu and sometimes that is the best way to have fun.  A quiet evening at home talking late in the night out on the patio was so comfortable.

                              They liked the wicker chairs. The evening air was warm. 

The music was oldies, dare I say...Golden Gate Greats?  It was soft and  non intrusive.  A perfect background for talking over old times.  The smoke drifted lazily out the screens while the evening drifted by.

                                   Even the dinosaurs were listening.  Inside the screens.

Our little Garden Shop, is going to have lots of use this fall and into the winter.  I'm just going to love it here.


Ralph said…
I have no problem with the old music - I love the 1960s Sinatra with the Nelson Riddle Orchestra, and I an mot that old :) The wicker evokes the relaxing past in a place like old Key West. Relaxation is all over your fun post!

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