A Little Excitement at Tortoise Cottage Today

I had been out all afternoon.  Mom and I  had completed a lot of errands.  We had been shopping, to the hairdresser, out to lunch and made several stops.  I realized, after we loaded up the car with items from Wal-Mart that needed refrigerated, that I still had to pick up a reserved book at the library.  Well, it wasn't going to happen in the Florida heat.  I didn't know then I was about to learn something new about the Florida Heat.

I  took mom home and jumped into the truck that I left parked alongside her house and wheeled it around the corner in my haste to get home.  I felt like Bo and Luke as it slid a bit, but I was in a hurry to pick up Bill and get back to the library before it closed.  They close at ungodly hours here...some days as early as four in the afternoon!    As I skidded into the driveway I noticed a police car driving down the road.  I watched in the rear view mirror to see it go by but it didn't.  I'm flummoxed because I looked around both sides and I didn't see it anywhere.  I looked as suspicious as heck.

I was hot and sweaty and I didn't want to go in to get Bill, I was calling him to see if he wanted to go with me since today was the first day I had driven the truck and I hadn't done so well taking it around the corner and back.  I felt I needed a lesson or two before taking it out on HWY 19.  As I was listening to the phone ring I completely craned my head around and saw the officer walking up to the truck.

"Is everything OK?"  He asked.

"Yes." I replied like a dolt, wondering how he could possibly ticket me for reckless driving in my own driveway.

"Who are you calling?"  He inquired.

I babbled about shopping with mom and being too hot to walk in....he interrupted and said "There was a 911 call from this address."

I jumped out of the truck and raced to the door as fast as my injured heel would let me (and that is not fast.  I was slower than Rambo, our tortoise) saying "My husband is a heart patient!!"  I burst in the door and yelled "BILL!!"

He comes around the corner, I swear just like Tom Cruise but with the phone in his hand instead of a microphone....only he didn't have the shirt and socks on.  Just the underwear.  He said "Whaaaat?"  Then he spotted the police officer behind me.  His face was a sight to behold!  I have to admit though he looked pretty good in his underwear.

It turned out he hadn't called 911.  The officer left quickly, mumbling something about our living close to a cell phone tower ( Huh? )  and I quickly called my sister Janet, the last person to live here, to see if she had called 911.  I thought it might have reported her former address as her current address.

Unfortunately, I got her boyfriend again!  I keep forgetting to correct her number.  He did clear up the mystery.  In a most distressing way.  He laughed and said that happens all the time.  "Hahahahahaha" he laughed merrily..  (I'm not laughing).  He said while they lived there probably that happened once a month.

  "What??" I gasped.  It flashed in my mind that we have lived here one month today.  His timetable was eerily accurate.  "Sorry!" he said and I apologized for having called him once again.  At least this time it was at a reasonable hour.

If he is right, apparently these guys are going to be our new best friends.


Funny that Bill was caught in his underwear by the cop, but I suspect the regular visits might get annoying! Also tortoises are super, Rambo is a great name :)
Anonymous said…
Patty said…
You are SO funny! I'll look forward to more 911 call stories....
What a hoot! Thanks for sharing.

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