A Long Legged Bird

We finally tackled the shed today, also known as the building that houses our well.  I believe it's called the Pump House. 

What a blessing to have a truck to haul away all the broken glass, rusted tools and broken and spilled pesticides that were in the shed when we moved in.  It was a lengthy job for Bill, as he needed to stop frequently and rest his heart. A job that might have taken a few hours in another life.  How nice not to be under pressure to work at a normal pace.  I helped by bringing out iced tea, lunch and poking through a few ruined boxes  to see if anything could be salvaged.  Gracie and I were not allowed to help as a rat had been spotted early on.

We are happy to see there is a cement floor that can be swept and we can spray for any lingering vermin that thinks this is where they are retiring also.  Nothing will be able to be stored out there except the mower, yard tools and the ladder.  The roof leaks and boxes were moldy, bags were torn open and contents ruined.  It will never be a substitute garage and that is probably a good thing.  I have been known to fill up a garage with treasure.  It is my intent to be very picky about bringing in anything new, well old. 

If I just am careful and resist taking home anything from the dump like a vintage metal flamingo silhouette to decorate Tortoise Cottage, I will be cured. 

Have you ever found a treasure you couldn't resist in trash? 


Patty said…
Yes, it's hard to pass up a good treasure! I'm so glad the shed is cleaned up and the rats gone! I'm sure you'll make it very cute for the lawnmower and tools! :)
Willis Family said…
"Not allowed to help?" Yeah right. Not wanting to maybe! LOL! Poor Dad! I asked how he knew it was a rat and not a mouse. He said it was as big as Gracie that's how! Too funny!

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