Off To See The Mouse

Looking forward to a wonderful week at Disneyworld!

I'm off in a few hours to Orlando for another vacation with my two best friends from Ohio, Ginny and Rebecca.  A "Just Us Girls" vaca is always so much fun!

I'm so excited!



JoKnows said…
Sounds awesome! Grown-up girls in Disneyworld. Great idea! :)
Whimsy and Juno said…
I'm so jealous! That sounds like SO much fun- have a blast with the ladies!!! You'll have to show us some pics of your holiday on the blog! :)
xoxo Lauren
Wendy said…
You were over by me! Hope Disney wasn't too hot for you ladies- it can be rough in the summer.
oh im so excited for you too jeanne! an outing with the girls is always spelled FUN FUN FUN!
Paulette said…
That will be some serious fun, enjoy!
Anonymous said…
Give Mickey a hug for me and have a marvelous time! :-)
Diann said…
I hope you have a wonderful time!

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