Wordless Wednesday 4th of July

The family
 July 4, 20010 
Picnic at our house and celebrating our own firecracker's birthday,
Born July 4th fifteen years ago today!


Paulette said…
This family photo looks like a group of happy people that love one another. Happy 4th of July!
Anonymous said…
What a great day to celebrate a birthday! Hope you and your family have a safe and wonderful day today. Happy 4th of July! :-)
Janet said…
Hope you have a happy and safe 4th, as well!
LV said…
A very nice photo of your family sharing special time together. More people need to do that.
LadyD Piano said…
Great photo of all of you. New follower, nice to meet you!
happy 4th of july to u jeanne and to ur wonderful family!

You had a terrific looking family.

Wonderful family memories. Great Photo!


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