Weekend Thrifting

I was happy to find this basket for my shelves.  I'm storing everything loose in baskets that used to be in the drawers of furniture I no longer have.  Photos, cards, scarves, smalls and such, things I want to keep but have no room to display. 

 Of course I would rather fill my new shelves with books, but when I moved without any shelving hardly, I also had to leave hundreds of books behind with friends, family, yard sale customers and so forth.  Now I am very practical read mostly on my Kindle and from the library.  Needs must when you scale back!   I only brought along a few hundred of my very, very favorites. 

 But back to my basket

When I took off the liner to wash it, behold!  
A second liner was under it!  

Perhaps this is the basket to store my Halloween small decorations in instead of mixed in with the bin marked Fall Decorations. Oh wait.  I didn't bring any Halloween decorations.  Zero, zip. 




Hi, my sweet friend!
Oh, you can never have too many baskets! They are such a tidy way to organize!
What a delight for you to find that you have two different liners!
Twice as nice!
Have a wonderful week,
Carolynn xo
Wendy said…
What??? no Halloween decorations?! ;)

I have boxes (it's my favorite holiday). Enjoy your charming basket! I like the idea of linning your shelves with them and using them for storage.