The Flowers of Busch Gardens

There is nothing like a beautiful garden and Bush Gardens in Tampa Florida is really a delight to the eye.  

Busch Gardens is true to it's name and there are mini gardens everywhere.  This is a very small sampling. 

It is still summer here in Tampa even though the calendar says it is now autumn

Shades of pink abound even in the foliage

 There were quite a variety of Orchids

Also other flowers.  This one looks as if it has been painted...could that be?  

 I loved the combination of pink and purple in one blossom

The flowers were almost as numerous as the bees

Pots and planters were everywhere as well as lush gardens

Shaded by palms, orchids and variegated foliage grew thickly around the base.

Even many of the trees had huge blossoms so beautiful they took your breath away. 

To hear more about Tampa's Busch Gardens I wrote an article HERE.  We had a wonderful celebration of  Bill's 66th birthday when we took the day to come to the park using our season pass.  A thrifty way to celebrate! 

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Paulette said…
The flowers on the tree are absolutely beautiful. I have read your other article on Yahoo, and I must tell say you write beautifully.
I am a foodie, but it is difficult to pass up a little flower therapy. The bromeliad you linked is identical to one I have on my patio. It was a gift from my sister. When it finished blooming I set it outside thinking it was spent. It grows little shoots that grow up to be big blooming shoots. I love the pink and purple of the blossom.

Madonna/aka/Ms. Lemon
I've always heard it's a beautiful place to visit but I haven't been yet. I hope you had good weather! Happy Birthday to Bill! Hugs!
Jill said…
It must be a beautiful place!!
MastHoliday said…
Beautiful flowers captured by you!
mispapelicos said…
Thank you for these delightful flowers, my dear Jennie.
Rambling Woods said…
Beautiful tropicals which you don't see where I live..Michelle
My name is Riet said…
We were there at least 15 years ago but I remember how beautiful it was. Thank you for sharing, your photo;s are so pretty.
Beautiful! One of my favorite things to do both at home and when traveling is to tour gardens. Always brings such delight. Thanks for sharing with SYC.
So many beautiful flowers! I love to visit places like this! Thanks for sharing at TTF!
I love to see pink flowers one doesn't expect -- like on tropical and desert plants.
Happy Pink Saturday,
Hello Jeannie Marie, I have been to Bush Gardens many times over the years and it is a beautiful place to visit. Lucky you. The flowers you shared are so pretty in pink. We pinkies always notice everything PINK don't we? Big smile here.
xo, Jeanne
Debbiedoos said…
Looks beautiful there. We have never been and we lived in Florida for nine years. Sorry we never made it there.
Oh my goodness! We haven't been to Bush Gardens since we were kiddos! What gorgeous pictures ~ just love all of the flora & fauna :) thanks for the beauty!!
rastafara news said…
Looks beautiful there.

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