Visiting Ozona

We were just out bumping around and we found this artsy little shop at the end of Tampa Road.  It was right smack in the middle of a little village called Ozona.  

Florida is just full of these little surprises!

This sign did what it made me smile! 

I took this shot for Monday Mellow Yellows

And isn't this the cutest fence ever?  I'm sharing it on Blue Monday

This little masterpiece was just behind the fence.  It wasn't my masterpiece but I loved it!  
Sharing on Masterpiece Monday

The shop inside was very nice.  I didn't feel right about taking pictures in front of the proprietors, so I just took a picture of the ladies room.  Everything in it was for sale.

I felt like I wanted to show the owner my bag after I left to prove it was empty of any bathroom merchandise.  But I refrained. 

This is my shadow shot for Shadow Shot Sunday 2
It just looked a little ghosty, like a body, perhaps the owner of those flip flops is hanging invisibly from those chains...

 The flip flops were painted on the boardwalk walkway outside.  
There were several buildings. Since it was late in the afternoon I was alone out there.
 Well.....  I hope I was alone.

Of course!  So I did "walk this way"!   
Instructions from the ghost?
A must sign for Pink Saturday and

Not so much in the landscaping department, but I was really taken with the 
colorful chairs and flamingos!  I'm sharing this at Show and Tell Saturday
I am so happy to have a local place to share on Sundays in My City and Beautiful Sunday
Even though we were here on Thursday  :(((

A side note.......
We survived Friday the 13th...maybe. 
We went to Busch Gardens for the day, yesterday on the infamous 13th. 
Today Mr. Me woke up with a raging case of the Flu.
Since we shared a drinking cup all day, I'm doomed.  


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JoKnows said…
Love the blue fence!

I hope you are feeling okay and didn't catch the mister's flu! Take lots of vitamin C and stay well. :)
Paulette said…
Exploring area businesses is so much fun and often times can reveal real treasures. You found a gem of a place. Great photos.
Patty Antle said…
Your post made me SMILE. I love to find places such as the one you found.
Ralph said…
This is a disarmingly cool place! I like the pier motif out front - even though it appears to sit inland. And the turquoise fencing: it feels as if were going to FL in o car in the 1950s and stopping at every gift place in US 301 before arriving to Tampa or Miami after a 3 day trek from where the snowbirds inhabit. Cannot see places like this at 35,000 feet like today. Eclectic is an understatement here...
Cheapchick said…
Love the pics. Eat some garlic and chicken soup, maybe the flu will skip you
Your posts are fun to read except for the flu caught by your mister. I hope he feels better. I sleep in another room when my hubs is sick. I usually do not catch it. The pic of the bathroom is very cute. Imagine the flip flops painted on the walkway. Very clever. The blue fence is pretty bright. Did you buy anything? Smile.
Hugs, Jeanne
What a fun and happy little shop. I loved the mermaid you discovered! Don't you just love neat surprises like finding that shop? I love to go exploring!
♥ Jil
Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment!
Leovi said…
Fun compositions, beautiful place, wonderful photos!
Art and Sand said…
I like the flip flops painted on the ground.
Annesphamily said…
A Blue fence for Blue Monday! Love the colorful photos. HPS to you and thanks for sharing. Those flip flops are awesome. I guess I am weird but I am not sure I would buy anything displayed in a public bathroom! LOL! I did enjoy this cool tour. You gotta love and support your local businesses! Happy weekend too!
How cute. Those flip flops are darling and the blue fence with the art is amazing. Thanks for taking me along on your adventure.
mispapelicos said…
How fantastic to found ma magic place like that.
Love, love, love.
Ruth Kelly said…
Flip flops in the shadow shot - very clever!
Huldra said…
What a joyful, colorful place! Love your shadow shot aswell :)
Oh no, I hope it doesn't bite you too. Love the bright colors and interesting art work. Thanks for sharing this fun spot.
CailinMarie said…
what a fun find! I always feel funny taking photos in front of the store owner/keeper as well and then think, but I'm advertising for them! so I end up with funny photos I tried to take without being noticed. This is a great shop.
Unknown said…
I enjoyed seeing Florida sights as I grew up in Merritt Island on the east coast. My family still lives there and I miss it a lot! Love to find little "treasure" shops like the one you stumbled upon. Thanks for sharing!
20 North Ora said…
What a fun place to visit! Thanks for visiting 20 North Ora.

I am your newest follower.

Lola said…
The ghostly flip flops and blue fence are spectacular!

Have a lovely week!
I get so excited when you share a place I would like to go! I've had your post open since yesterday!!! I'm going to write it down as a place to visit! Happy Monday my friend! Looks like a hot one again! HUGS!
Diane Writes said…
Nice place! I actually like it Jeannie :) The effect of wood and the colorful paint all over the place provides a relaxing and happy environment.

Thank you for linking up Jeannie! Wishing you a great week ahead :)
Kim, USA said…
Very lovely and colorful place. Sure do like to hang out in here. ^+^

Gattina said…
Looks like a funny place !
Hazel said…
Cute sign. I thought the slippers were paintings on the wooden floor. It has always been my plan that when I finish PhD I'm going to quit my job and go live in a little house with a 'white picket fence' but now blue looks even nicer :) Thanks for dropping by my nook.

Hi Jeannie Marie!

We are now following you also! Love those chairs with the flamingos, such great colors. The flip flop boardwalk is too cool. And your spooky pic is perfect for the creepy holiday season.

Let's hope your guy caught that "bug" before you shared the cup!

Blessings, Edie Marie
Duh... forgot to say how excited I am someone may be able to take advantage of such a great place like the Cols Architectural Salvage! I really love the Singer idea, please let me know if she nabs that sign.

Hugs, Edie Marie
Unknown said…
Lovely and colourful.
Unknown said…
Thank you for following my blog and hope you'll come back next week, if we walked up all the stairs of the ant hill in Corniglia, Cinque Terre, Italy:)
Lovely pictures! The flip flops are great- what a fun idea! Thank' s forleaving such nice comments!
SmilingSally said…
Hi Jeannie Marie,

I do like that bright, blue fence.

Thanks for sharing this Florida blue.

Happy Blue Monday!
Cute, fun, and creative. Thanks for linking up with Tickled Pink Times Two! Make it a pink day...

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