Weekends are for Thrifting

Hoping to inspire you to get out there and find something fun or valuable!

Remember my visit to that cute store  Ozoma?  This was my purchase :-) 
All four pieces for $6.00!   Not old but perfect for  flower plates and totems next spring.  
In the meantime...for me! 

These little bulldogs I bought at different sales at different times many years ago.
I've always kept them together.  

 This beauty has no purpose but to stand there and look good. 

From all angles....

But I liked it when I saw it at a yard sale and have always kept it.  
It made the cut when I only took 1/3 of my belongings to Florida.

 These jugs made the cut too.  
The vase is hand painted from Italy and it looks great everywhere
This tiny jug is just clay pottery.
It is probably someone's school assignment!  
I loved the color, the weight and the shape. 
 I was completely drawn to it. 
It tucks into any grouping so nicely.
The little shell was found by my Granddaughter, Kyra at the beach here last May.  

 I don't think I shared this find with you.  I picked up these polished stones at
the Salvation Army thrift store behind our bank.  (I go there a lot!)
They were in a dusty quart size baggie (half full) and were only $3.00
I've used a few of them in some of my whimseys  Like this CACTUS ONE I made for 
a Southwestern Theme.

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Wendy said…
I love all your whimseys and everything else you buy. The rocks are beautiful!
rebecca said…
Those bulldogs are intriguing - and I fall for most ANYone's school pottery project. Naive Pottery, I call it...

I'm currently in the "getting-rid-of-it" stage. I'll probably be back in the "gathering" mode again soon :)
Jill said…
That's a really unique bowl, so different!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful buys! Those pink plaid dishes are so cute...
Lisa said…
I like the polished rocks. Very soothing.

Lisa @ Happy Girl Thrift
Diane Writes said…
Hi Jeannie! Thank you for linking up :) I love your newest collection of pink plates. How dainty! And the polished stones are nice too. I wonder what project will you do about it. Pls share :)

Have a great week!
Anonymous said…
Hi Jeannie, you found such pretty things. My daughter would love those rocks, she loves them of all colors and kinds. I don't see a Like button for your Facebook? But I don't have a personal page, just a business one for my site, but I was going to try to Like/Follow you but don't see a button on your sidebar. Let me know...
Thanks so much for sharing this at my We Call It Olde Link-Up today. Hope to see you there again! --Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com
ThrifterSisters said…
I love those dishes in the first photo! Even though they are not old, they are pink and would have come home with me too!


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