Janet's Art

My sister Janet's original art

So Monday Mellow Yellows!  

A blue sky is a nice way to start off the week! 

She doesn't save anything.  So I have

Her signature phrase! 
She drew card after card like this one and donated them for our local shelter to sell.  

How thoughtful is that!

Janet now has a collection for sale on Etsy

We had lunch today and she was quite
pleased to read your comments!

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Jill said…
They're sweet!!
Rebecca said…
What a talent! She should illustrate books! Children's books especially! I'm very impressed.
Rebecca said…
What a talent! She should illustrate books! Children's books especially! I'm very impressed.
Sally said…
Your sister is talented. I like blue skies too!

Happy Blue Monday!

Jeannie Marie, please consider returning and leaving a comment for me.
Poppy said…
How talented, thoughtful and generous she is! She should try selling her art, too, on Etsy!

What sweet art! I saved them on my computer....I hope she doesn't mind. I love little images like this. How talented she is!
I so agree with your blue sky sentiments!

Mother in Blue

Lovely and sweet drawings ~ love the blue sky and mother and daughter one ~ carol ^_^ HBM
Lovely and sweet drawings ~ love the blue sky and mother and daughter one ~ carol ^_^ HBM
Lea said…
Lovely art!
We are starting the week with rain, but that's okay - the flowers love it!
Lea's Menagerie
I LOVE this!!!! What awesome art work.
LV said…
Great work of art., She has her own unique way and uses her talent very well.
xinex said…
How beautiful! She is really talented....Christine
Linda Primmer said…
What your sister is so talented. Such lovely works of art to admire.
Neesie said…
Your sister is very talented and generous with her work, but she has a special sister too.
I think it's lovely that you save her work.
Happy Blue Monday to you :D
Jeannie Marie, your sister's art is so well done. How charming her art is to see. I love it too. She has a kind heart to donate her art for a good cause.
xo, Jeanne
Gillena Cox said…
those are really nice cards; have a good Monday

much love...
edenhills said…
Those drawings are just adorable!
Leovi said…
I like the wonderful works of his sister Janet!
Gemma Wiseman said…
These art works are enchanting and love the touch of a message in each. So lovely.
Lola said…
So sweet!

Happy RT2!
These are amazing drawings, very well done.
Ralph said…
The artist adds a whimsical style and humor to the watercolors! I like the pink hat on the lady - and the cat as well as the necklaces. It is art yet I almost feel the personalities of every subject. It is a feeling of affirmation, like and joy. She si a talented artist!
Joy H said…
They are all cute, I really like the first one the best though. Happy Monday!
Jeannie Marie,
Wow, your sister has incredible talent. What a super sweet gesture of her to donate her artwork.
Love her signature phase, Cats sure are people too!!
BTW-Thanks for the Bday wishes. Looks like your family is full of Sept ones too, my hubby's is just two days after mine, so we are both Sept babies. Well, not so much babies anymore though.
Rajesh said…
Beautiful and artistic.
She is lovely and so is her art.
Sending both love.
Thanks for your contribution to Ruby Tuesday Too!

Stained Glass Rubies

The cards are adorable and what a nice gift for the shelter.
Van said…
Aw, I love the art style. Simple and playful.
She is such a cutie, too! I came back to look at her art again. Tell her, I'm a BIG FAN!!! Sweet hugs to you both!
Melody Brown said…
Those are precious. Hey they'd make great transfers for embroidery.
nursemom2 said…
I've always loved your artwork Janet...just as much as I love you!
Beautiful artwork and such a very nice thing to do! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

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