More and More Thrifting

I seem to be drawn in every time I pass a thrift store.  I glean what I can from that store and move on!  The Salvation Army store is just across the street from where we bank so I was dropped off while Mr. Me did the banking.  He then came in and dozed on a sofa until I was SURE all had been seen.  In Florida when you see a senior citizen dozing you are never quite sure if he is asleep or if he has moved on to a better world.    

.   The Salvation Army is a place I like to support.  Everything in this post came from that one shop except the Asian dish.  

  I really liked the green bamboo on the dish on the right.  The Asian influence has lots of  possibilities.

 The  pink tulips are embossed and the little lid handle is also a tulip.
The maroon red plate is California Pottery and it goes beautifully with the 
antique sauce dish.

I have a weakness for glazed pottery pieces and also for small jugs.  
I think the creamer has my name on it.   

He is such a cutie!

 Roosters are popular in totems.  I decided this must be a baby rooster.  He will look great nesting on that plate.

This teapot might have to be a keeper.  It is just the right size and it has a friendly shape.  The antique teacup and saucer are fun to make bird feeders with.  

I was born to thrift.  Honestly, even as a kid before I ever heard about yard sales I used to hang out in the dustiest dirtiest junk store there ever was.  I was happy as a clam.

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Chubby Chieque said…
Hello Mrs. J,
Thank you for coming by. I am too busy blog hoping and too many too visit and too many to Inspire.

I am loving your thrifting mood, LoL* I was thrifting like crazy a month ago and I will certainly show off one day.

Happy Tuesday to you and your lovelies. Isn't it cool with cultures? We are more open minded and see so many things in different ways but still together?

/CC girl
Oh you found some gems. I love it all. We don't have a Salvation Army anywhere near me but I definitley can't pass the goodwill without going in. Great finds and a good eye for beauty. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty
Oh, I love that little baby chick and all the pretties you found. I feel the 'need' to thrift shop, too! I go a few days and realize...I need to SHOP! I'm worried about all the good stuff I'm missing! heehee! Hugs!
Great finds! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment about my enamelware. If you would like to see more of it, here's a link to a previous post:

Spring greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla
Meg said…
Beautiful finds...and welcome to my is very nice to meet you Meg xx
Lovely finds. I haven't been able to go and search for treasures, but soon. Thanks for visiting.
Doreen said…
Hi Jeanie Marie,
Want to thank you for visiting and leaving me such a nice comment on my blog, Altered Artworks. I love your thrifting posts! I'm now following your blog and you on Twitter.
Great finds Jeannie Marie! The little bird looks so French!

Linda and Jeannie at The French Hens Nest
The baby rooster is adorable! ;)
chateau chic said…
You've found some great items where you thrift!!
Mary Alice
Unknown said…
I love a good junk store! Thrifting is so much fun!
From one clam to another, let's hope we keep finding pearls! Some really great finds Jeannie. Love the teapots and that beautiful cup and saucer! I hear you about seniors sleeping. I take dinner now and then to a lady up the street from my home. She just turned 103. I always worry that I will be the one to find her when she's gone to rest in heaven. Thanks for sharing with SYC.
Anonymous said…
Great finds! I love it all, especially that teapot.
Anonymous said…
Great finds! I love it all, especially that teapot.
mispapelicos said…
We have to go thrifting together, dear jeannie guapa.
Diane said…
You got yourself some pretty little treasures there. I am feeling inspired to see what my local thrift store are carrying just for me! Diane
LV said…
Great finds. We used t have a Salvation Army store but it closed. I liked going to it.
Vanessa said…
I love the chicken! :D
Love your finds!!
we are still waiting to see if we can get a brick from the church demolition. Right now the site is guarded with security.....

Thanks so much for stopping by!

I too love thrift shopping. In fact, my post today is all about a thrift find. Thrift shopping is one way we can fight the cost of living. I love to find a designer blouse etc.for so little cost. Your treasures are fun and a bargain. Lucky and smart you.
xo, Jeanne
bj said…
Oh, girl...I am lovin' your great finds. I love thrifting to the moon and back.
we have some great thrift stores here and I am one of their best customers. lol
I love thrifting or pickin', too! Your blue cup and saucer and teapot are marvelous!
♥ Jil
Audrey said…
Really nice pieces. Teapot is lovely. We can justify spending money at the Thrifts because we are helping to support a worthy cause. LOL ... no RELLY !!! I support the Thrifts too.
Thanks for visiting Timeless Treasures and leaving a nice comment.
New follower and I will be back to enjoy more of your fantastic pictures.
Audrey Z.

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