Lunch at Brits

There is a new place in town and guess what!  
Authentic British Fare!

They certainly set the tone walking up to the entrance!

My view from the booth gave me a feeling of actually being 
in England with a photograph of the queen over the mantel
and the flags of the United Kingdom flying.

A complementary plate of freshly made crisps were served while
we waited for our meal.  

They tasted wonderful with my British beer called Bass "The Pale Ale"  I'm not familiar with beers and asked for something light.  This was their recommendation and was very refreshing and delicious with the meal.

I ordered a beef and vegetable pastie with mash and peas and carrots. 
The pastie was freshly made at the restaurant with their own crust.  It's slightly thicker than our American made pie crust but very tasty. The "mash"  on the side was mashed potatoes, thicker than ours, and so delicious. Real potatoes of course.  

The waitress, Emma, from Reading England was very personable and spent time learning about football from my husband.  She said she and her husband who have recently moved here,  have baseball down pat and enjoy following the Tampa Rays.  

 Be sure and stop in to say hello to the General Manager, who is from London and Emma and Maisy.  Maisy was born Irish but lived many years in England.

There is a lovely pub area and two more rooms of dining tables and booths.  
This should be a definite stop for anyone in Hernando and Pasco County Florida.  It's so conveniently located at Hudson and Little Road in Hudson, FL.

They have a wonderful lunch menu with all items priced at $6.99 and a larger dinner menu with prices slightly higher.    I ordered off the dinner menu and the meat pastie was $10.99 

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Jill said…
This looks really good!!
We love to drive down to Hudson! I'll write this place down so that we can try it! Enjoy your weekend!
Sounds like worth the drive from Ohio! See you there! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my coleus rootings in the Ball jars. I'm sure you could do this too; it's the easiest, and coleuses are the easiest things to grow! ~Zuni
Jacqueline said…
What a fun place to go and feel like you have crossed the pond! Thanks for sharing.
Tara R. said…
The pub looks very homey, and the food sounds delicious.
Dorothy said…
Real peas, not mushys?!? And you don't have to look for traffic coming the wrong way to get there!
molly said…
Haha... England in the USA... the pale ale looked really lovely

Leovi said…
Wonderful photos, that food ... rich!
StarTraci said…
Those crisps and ale look yummy! I want to spend an afternoon there.
BLOGitse said…
You're right - just like in Tallinn! :)
A Thrifty Mrs said…
Yum! Looks good and the pasty and mash look pretty authentic to me....and I'm a pasty lovin' England dweller.

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