What I Didn't Buy at the Thrift Store...Part II

This is quite a misleading title for a post, but if you missed my earlier post showing you a number of items I passed up while trying to be good while thrifting....here it is:  Click here

I did leave you hanging as to which of the items pictured that I actually did buy!  

Well, it wasn't this mug because I didn't see it the other day.  
  I had so many regrets that I did go back the next day.  I spotted this mug and had to have it.  Who could pass this up?  A great Monday Mellow Yellows cup!   Don't you just love the cheery color inside and out?   

This is the item I purchased.  My mom and sister love cats like I do and I was getting tired of her same coffee mugs! Since my sis is staying there for awhile I gifted them with the three mugs.  One for each of us!  

 My mom, later said...Only 3?  Well that was odd, so when I
went back, I searched the shelf and the 4th one was there!  Now
how often would that happen?

This was the item I regretted most leaving.  I was hoping to find it still there, especially since this teapot didn't have a lid.  And....drum roll please.....it was!

I'm $3.19 poorer but I can't wait to see this teapot in a totem.
I was seduced by this mug as well.  I don't know what is with me, but I love a beautiful mug!  When I can get them for $1.19 I am powerless to leave it behind.  Somebody come over and have coffee with me!  

OK...pinch me!  I am in love with flamingos and spotted this great cereal bowl from HausenWare. 
You know it came home with me.  I am going to enjoy this bowl every day for the rest of my life.

 A colorful vase with blue and yellow flowers all around!  I can't wait to see what I make with this! 

The chip and dip set I passed on a second time because the price was not $3.15 as I thought it was $8 something and it was so big I had no place to store it.  

So there you have it.  I went back after the teapot and fell off my "good intentions" wagon!  

Somebody STOP me!  Haha, or I'll have to open a shop! 

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rebecca said…
Oh, I'd LOVE to come have coffee with you - especially in that lovely mug! I can see the irresponsibility of ALL of these items :)
BLOGitse said…
STOP! :) yes I know how hard it is to stop...I stopped and nowadays we have very little dish washing! :)
You were on a roll. The colors are so vibrant. I'm glad you made such great finds, and for so little. No need to stop you. I say, keep going!

Poppy said…

I loved this wild goose chase of a post! I couldn't wait to see which item(s) you bought in the end! Yes, I agree with you, that cheery yellow mug was a winner and if I had seen it, I would have snatched it up fast! I also like the second one with the thicker handle and of course the set of cat cups is the icing on the cake!

They are all beautiful pieces, but I'm in love with the fish :)
Leovi said…
Yes, a good idea, those cups are very nice!
Joanna Jenkins said…
Oh, I love a good thrift store and cannot resist buying a few (dozen) too many things sometimes. I would have had to arm wrestle you for the flamingo bowl :-)
You know I'm NOT going to stop you! heehee! You NEEDED that fish teapot and that's all there is to it! Love the cat mugs! I want to go shopping with you! Sweet hugs!
Oh I'm a cat lover also and those mugs are super! Thanks for linking to TTF!
Jama said…
You got some good deal there! I would not be able to leave that store without grabbing those beautiful mugs too.
Cheapchick said…
You have great taste. I love all the things you bought. I would have bought them too!
Diane Writes said…
Hi Jeannie! Wow shopping!!! heehee I love your finds :) Everything looks so cheery and happy. Have a great week ahead friend!
Looks like you hit the jackpot! Some really fun things you found there!


Janet said…
I have more than enough mugs, but I would surely have to splurge on these, especially the cat ones.
Joanne Olivieri said…
You could open your own ebay shop with all of these. I adore the fish mug. That is so unusual and colorful. Great finds.
SmilingSally said…
I agree with you: the blue pieces are hard to leave behind.

Thanks for playing.

Happy Blue Monday, Jeannie Marie.
My name is Riet said…
It is so hard not to buy when in a thrift store.You did real well.
Unknown said…
I like both coffee cups! Sorry I have to forego of havin' coffee with you:)
Rajesh said…
Very good choices.
DrillerAA09 said…
I find thrift stores and flea markets an excellent source of entertainment. You just never know what is going to be just around the corner.
Suzan said…
Love your mugs!! Especially your fish mug!! When we take a trip - that is our suvioneer from our vacation!! A mug with the name of the town or place!!
Unknown said…
Thanks for leaving that nice comment on my post about Capri! Take care!

Brittany Ruth
Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my fall porch decorations! I'm glad I stopped by your cute post about your finds. I love that you found the fourth kitty mug...how fun is that?! ~Zuni
LV said…
You were lucky some of your finds were still there. When I put it off, go back, it is gone.
Keetha Broyles said…
Yea yea yea!!! Fishy got a home and I was right!!!!!

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