Life is a Road Trip

Shadowed now..but see?
We have brighter times ahead
One must keep rolling


Sylvia K said…
Beautiful capture for the day -- I love the skies, the shadows and the long road to wherever!! Have a great weekend!!
Sylvia K said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leovi said…
That magic and wonderful clouds ...! Delicious photo!
If you didn't keep rolling, you'd be standing still--in the middle of the road! ;)
robin. said…
a great fall day for a and out of shadows as you go!!
Ralph said…
The road is bereft of traffic - so our charge to infinity will be unimpeded. Although here, at this point is its own worthy destination all by itself... Drive safely!
genie said…
Such nice shadows crossing the highway. You do not see a lot of these. The capture itself is lovely. Such pretty colors. genie
Beverley Baird said…
Lovely shadows and great haiku! What a lovely day for a drive!
Rajesh said…
Wonderful capture, no end to this road.
So true :) Beautiful photo! Spring greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla
BLOGitse said…
This could've been shot in Finland!
Nice shadows.
Have a good week ahead!
NatureFootstep said…
This is a great shadow shot. :)
Dies und Das said…
Ein sehr schönes Bild, man wünscht sich, diese Straße möge nie enden, um die Überraschungen hinter der nächsten Kurve zu erleben.
Eine schöne Woche!
Diane Writes said…
Hi Jeannie! One picture says it all. Beautiful indeed! One thing I love about going out of town and the long drive is the very refreshing and relaxing view, from the sky, clear roads and the greeneries.

Thank you for linking up. Have a great week ahead!
Yes! A rolling stone gathers no moss!
Kelly Steel said…
Lovely photo. Thanks for sharing.
Wow, that is really beautiful.

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