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A couple of paintings that I thrifted are now hanging in my home. Who says art has to be expensive?  I purchased this one at an estate sale for practically nothing.  A couple of dollars if I remember right.  I asked about the history and I was told the couple had visited Greece or perhaps it was Crete and had purchased it from a street artist.  

I think the name is G. Grigoros ? 

 This one I loved and could hardly buy it fast enough.  I don't remember asking any questions about it. 

The Flash brightened it in the above photo.  The colors are really quite soft. 

The primitive painting is my favorite style

I loved how it was framed but, as in many I've seen in galleries, the frames could use some work.
I have not seen anything online about the artist, nor do I expect to.  
It just makes me feel happy.  It may make an appearance on my mantle in January. 

This one I bought, but suspect it's a composite of several artists that mass produce work.
The scene reminds me of an English Countryside.  I'm a lover of  Miss Read books and other English authors, so it appealed to me.  
I found the gilt frame for $5.00 at another sale and the two were a perfect fit.
The roses on the left were fresh roses that aged beautifully and I kept them.  A doily and a teacup and saucer would make a nice vignette, eh?   Perhaps for February.  

Are you a closet Artist?

 I wrote this article awhile back when a friend of mine held a show.  I was amazed at the response she had and what fun it was to go to her show.  She sold quite a few of her paintings.  I  realized that it's a matter of getting your work out there to be seen.  She held her show at an antique shop and this is how she did it:

Holding and Art Exhibition

Artists everywhere are hiding their work in closets, stacked in their garage and even collecting dust in the attic. How can anyone appreciate them? Your talent is God given and if you have a desire to paint, sculpt or create fiber art, you must find your audience. There are many who wish to support local artists. 

For the rest of the article...Click HERE

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I do have a few pieces of artwork that I'm proud of. Thank you for the encouragement, Jeannie. We shouldn't be closet artists.

I love art, and I like your choice of paintings.


Unknown said…
I love the middle picture! That's my style too. Most or all of my art has been purchased extremely reasonably at thrift or antique stores. And I only buy what I love. Thank you for visiting my blog!
Very pretty pieces! I love coastal and lake paintings, and anything nautical.
You are so right art does not have to be expensive. I have several pieces I got for $3.00! Love your pictures, Laura
Beautiful finds. My favorite is the one with the boats and dock. They're all so charming.
ANNE said…
lovely paintings and gorgeous frames too! I like the first one the best.

Thanks for visiting me!

Your paintings are charming and I especially love the one with the boats and dock! Great finds. Thanks for sharing at TTF!
LOVE the cottage one, that frame is just AMAZING! Love the whole vignette. I'll have to go thrifting with you!
must love junk said…
I love the last painting! The frame is gorgeous, too-good match!
Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words!!

I'm with you! Art does not have to be expensive as long as it makes you happy! I love all of your pieces!
Vel Criste said…
Love the first one the most and I always try to scour thrifts and antique stores for unique beauties such as these too. My husband and I are not artists at all but we do try to instill the value of appreciating them in our kids. Last Saturday, we went to the Art institute of Chicago (6 hours away) just to see masterpieces up close, and truly the Loved it!
Hi lovely lady.
This is my first time on your lovely blog. All the art is beautiful I like the one over your table sweet. I would like to thank you so much for your comments on my Tablescape for Halloween. Im also your newest follower on your blog now, hoping you will have a wonderful week with your family.
Beautiful artwork! This summer I purchased a few oil paintings from a local antique store. The artist was not famous, she just loved to paint and when she passed her son sold all of her work to this shop. I bought three of them and I was so curious about her that the shop gave me a self drawn picture and snippet about her. I keep this info about her tucked behind one of the paintings and even though I didn't know her personally I am so happy to have three of her pieces in my home!
Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful. i like your style, Jeanne.
- Carol Gibson

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