Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  

Gracie dressed up as Snow White!  

Here in Florida with the weather so balmy it was beautiful for Trick or Treating.  We live on a street with only two other houses  and only three children in the neighborhood so we do not get visitors here
on Halloween.  Our Gracie lasted just a few minutes in her costume, enough for me to get a picture and share it.  

Mr. Me and I watched Darby O'Gill and the Little People and I remember why the Banshee scared
me to death when I was nine!  A perfect night to watch this! 

Hope all of you, my readers, my friends, had wonderful fun
 Halloween this year!


Schulz Family said…
Oh dear the poor dog!!! We don't really do halloween here but I am now thinking my Morris needs an outfit
Good Morning Jeannie, Bless her heart, Gracie looks wonderful.
For the first year we had a lot of trick or treaters visiting us and there were some wonderful costumes. I have to tell you Jeannie, the older children had some pretty scary masks, which made me really "jump" when I answered the door..... but we had a lot of fun.
Best Wishes
Leovi said…
Nice picture for the Halloween party! Very funny!
Did your four-legged friend like the get-up?

Shadowy Harvest

MyMaracas said…
Adorable! That banshee scared me too when I was a kid - but not nearly so much as Maleficent did.
Chubskulit Rose said…
She is such a lovely fur baby!

Have a blessed Sunday.
Mrs4444 said…
Aw...She's adorable :)
robin. said…
Awww..such a cutie!!!
Gracie is adorable! All she needs is 7 Chihuahuas to be her dwarves. ;o)

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