Thrifty Decor

 I didn't bring many items with me for fall when I moved here to Florida.  
I've been thrifting here and there and have picked up a few items this fall, like this 
 little sunflower and a candy dish.  The sea rock resting on some fall leaves is from
our trip to Key West last December. 

I can't even tell you how many years ago I painted these little pilgrims, at least 30.  They are just little chalk figurines I painted, then sprayed with a sealer.  I antiqued them by covering them
with the dark brown polish and then wiped it all away, leaving the dark polish in the crevices.  
They are a fixture now in our home.

This piece reminds me of a dock post so it's my nod to my fledgling coastal look.  It's actually a wood vase,
and I placed a decorative ball on top for interest.  
Both were thrifted here in Florida for pennies. 

The tall metal obelisk was purchased new.  
It was $100.00 but was clearanced at 90% off!  Ahhh, just my price! 

Why can't I bring myself to burn this candle?  The dish under it is a pretty leaf dish
actually prettier than the leaf candle!  It was found at a yard sale last year for fifty cents from a 
woman who obviously couldn't bring herself to burn the candle either! 

 A Pottery Barn glitter candle holder and candle ring from the PB Outlet fit nicely into this wonderful little
dish with frogs and flowers attached.  It was used in my fairy garden outdoors as a bird feeder but I 
brought it in for fall because of the wonderful colors.  
The green embossed round platter was from the Goodwill last month for $3.00.  
The arrangement is resting on two beaded mats from PB outlet as well.  
This centerpiece is on the coffee table. 

 A double bouquet of silk flowers in the foyer is in the vase my son brought from Beijing.  
The little monkey teapot you might remember from a post last month.  It was 
one of my favorite finds from our local thrift store.  
This arrangements gives me my "in" for Anything Blue Friday!

This wonderful little tea light was another fifty cent find at a yard sale.  It's real stained glass
and I love the metal leaves and stand.  It's always brought out
in the fall.  

So that is how I have used some of my little finds to decorate this year.  
The first year we were here, we went back to Ohio for all of October and part of Nov so I didn't decorate.  
Last year it was so hot I didn't get anything out until Thanksgiving and then just for the week prior.

Reading blogs and seeing everyone else decorating like mad has inspired me! 
I'm sure most of my readers are old hands at thrift shopping but for any newbies
out there that read my is an article I wrote for Yahoo on:

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You've found so many pretty things for Fall. I love the leaf candle and dish, too. No one would believe how good thrifting is in Florida. Last year, I bought stuff for Christmas and put it out all during the season. It was FUN! Sweet hugs!
I love the pumpkin candy dish!
Anny said…
I love your decorations and the price on them even more! Your pilgrims are adorable :)
Susan said…
Hi Jeannie Marie...I love, love, love, love, LOVE thrift store shopping. Oh yeah, I'm the thrift store queen. ha hahha

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Your decorations are very pretty and perfect for fall! Susan
Fun article, but just because something is not rare or a hot collectable, doesn't mean it's worthless. You liked it enough to bring it home... so shouldn't matter what the internet has to say!
And too true about thrift store plate pricing.. wtf??
mispapelicos said…
Definitely an inspiration to get decorating.
Love and a wonderful weekend, dear jeannie
Thank you for visiting I hopped right over and am now your newest follower. I love your seascape and would not take it down regardless of the season! That your grandfather painted it makes it even more special.
Louisette said…
Preety things and colored automn
Greeting from Belgium
Have a nice day
Louisette said…
Love your banner, visit my other blog, chocolate master world!
Absolutely love those pilgrims! Once in a while we pick up figurines like this a flea markets or estate sales for our store....everyone LOVES them!! Hope you have a terrific weekend!
I love finding my seasonal decor at thrift shops. Love all your fall items! Thanks for sharing your fun finds at TTF!
The Tablescaper said…
You did some great thrifting!

You're always welcome at Seasonal Sundays.

- The Tablescaper

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