Rambo Jr.

Today we discovered very tiny Rambo Jr in our driveway.  Tortoise Cottage is now a nursery!   We will have to be watching now every time we use the driveway because where there is one baby tortoise there may be more.   

We are busting our buttons over him!

We set out the small  matchbox so you can gauge the size

Look how fast Rambo Jr can crawl!

It looks like he may not be a fan of the camera, or of us...he is hurrying away pretty fast! 

 Actually you can see here that Rambo Jr is about the size of six keys on your computer.  Rambo Senior, our resident tortoise, is larger than the entire keyboard!  

For a look at our full grown tortoise, Rambo, click HERE
We have unofficially adopted him, but he only makes an appearance occasionally.  The tortoises live on the vacant lot next door and used to spend a lot of time over here, but only occasionally now.  Rambo has made it clear he is not fond of our dog, Gracie.  


hes so cute! is Rambo a girl? is Rambo Jr her/his son?
Hi lovely lady.
Hes is so sweet love your photos of her. Thanks so much for following my Tablescapes. I hope you and your family have a wonderful week and a Happy Easter.
Keep us update on Rambo..
XXOO Diane
Nekiah Torres said…
Oh my word! That is the cutest little thing ever! I love turtles! My sister-in-law was Korean (she passed) and she told me that turtles were good luck in their culture! Kiah
Your cute little turtle is a gopher tortoise. FYI they have a protected status under Florida law. I'm glad you're watching out for the little guy : )
Anonymous said…
What a precious little "neighbor" you have!
Wendy said…
I love it! Rambo Jr. - How adorable is that?!
Hi Jeanne,

I love your Rambo! We have a Rambo but we call her Harriet.


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