What's New at the Magic Kingdom? Storybook Circus!

It was a surprise to walk through Disney World's Magic Kingdom and find a whole new section.  It wasn't as if I hadn't been in years.  I spent four days there in July!  We only took one day for the Magic Kingdom and somehow I missed this simply by taking a right instead of a left on a pathway.  I take my time and hit all rides in my path as I trundle around from one land to another.  Had I taken the left I would have immediately turned a corner and been there after alighting from the train in Frontierland.  

The entrance to Storybook Circus.  

It's not completely open yet, the bright red fence is to hide construction going on and to keep out park guests until the area is open.

The Barnstormer is open and ready! 
 The Barnstormer kiddie Coaster is open and honestly that is about the only coaster I would attempt.  I've ridden Big Thunder Mountain for the last time on this visit.  This coaster is just right for kids, the drops are small, the curves are gentle. Flying through the air on a track in small airplanes is just my speed these days.  

It's so exciting for kids to come crashing through the billboard! 

The pathway to the two Flying Dumbo Rides and a Hidden Mickey!  Can you spot it? 

In between the double Flying Dumbo's is a Big Top interactive area
The cast member told us it was an interactive area for kids so we didn't go in.  We are kids of course, everyone is a kid at Disney World, but there wasn't a need to go the whole hog and try out all the toddler games.

Casey Jones Jr is a mini water park for anyone not afraid to get wet.  This is where you will want to spend a lot of time during the hot summer months.  Sprays of water and clouds of mist can keep active participants and observers comfortable.  A handy restroom is a great place to change the kids into swim ware if you have it.  The colorful train draws one and all like a magnet.  

Afterwards there is a quick, hidden path to 
along the back side of the Speedway where a deck of cards is hiding out from the Queen of Hearts.  As well they should.  

So this is how, by turning left on the path this time around, we discovered the Storybook Circus!

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SarahBeth said…
Well, in all my (many) years, I've never been to Disney World! But it all looks like fun! Although I'd have to stay on the ground -- even speed bumps do me in, not to mention roller coasters!!
Thanks for dropping by on Rednesday!
We have not been in quite awhile. It sure does remind me of great times. It's wonderful to see the updates.

ooohhh i cant wait to visit this jeanne! i am taking notes from u ;) we could never ignore the kid in all of us :D
You're both just having WAY too much fun! I love the previous post you did...what a fabulous event! HAVE FUN!
JoKnows said…
It's a pretty amazing place. I am with you about the coasters...kiddie size only please!

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