A Family Tea at Weeki Wachee

 Three generations gathered together yesterday in Weeki Wachee at the Magnolia Terrace Tea Room.  It was not a special occasion.  We just enjoy being together.

The front door is quite inviting!

It's a lovely place to spend time in.
And we made the most of it.  Here we are:  my sister Karan, my mom, Joanne, and my niece Becky.  Becky has never been to tea before, but this was actually a first for all of us.  It was Australian cuisine not a traditional English tea.

The ladies at the tea room surprised us with complimentary Mimosa's!  Now isn't that a nice tradition? 

I was charmed with the covering on the creamer! I may have to make one for myself!

I maybe should have taken a picture before we dove in to the selection of forty tea sandwiches served...but we were still choosing when I remembered to snap before they were all demolished!
Salmon and Cream Cheese,  Fig and Brie, Roast Beef and Horseradish, Chicken Salad and Chutney, Cucumber Salad, Asparagus and Pimento and many more choices were piled high on two tiers.  I believe there were at least a dozen different choices and we chose eight or nine.   Desserts crowned the top.

It was a lovely finish to such a fancy meal.  

The Tea For Two is priced at $12.99 each and we had two of them using a Groupon for a nice discount.
Magnolia Terrace Tea Room is located at
 6282 Commercial Way, Weeki Wachee, FL 34613

It was lovely but I'm sorry to say, inflation has changed the menu and prices.  Here is the tea 
we had a year later.  

Alas, no mermaids! 

Weeki Wachee, City of mermaids! 


Good old fashioned tea rooms are hard to find. I loved reading about your lovely day out. A nice reminder to take a friend or two out to our local tea room this fall.
Patty said…
Oh I love going to tea parties. Such a fun girlie thing to do. Love the crochet top for the creamer too. I do think you should make one!
How fabulous! That is a beautiful tea! And guess what...it's not far from me! I live in Ocala! Hugs!
sparrow said…
Dear jeannie Marie, thank you so much for your good wishes on my blog. It is much appreciated. I am still sick but "on the other side" now I think.

Your photos are delightful. What a sociable day! Greetings from 41 degrees below (latitude, not temperature)
must love junk said…
Wow-everything looks so yummy! (Especially the mimosas-ha!) It looks like you all had such a special day!
Diane Writes said…
Hi Jeannie! Thank you for linking up with my Beautiful Sunday series. I rarely receive new visits so your link up really made me happy.

What a lovely way to spend your weekend. Though I don't drink tea and coffee, I always love the idea of spending quality time with your reliable female friends and family members. There's something unique and special about girlfriends over great food.

You have a lovely blog. I hope we could get to know each other better.

Have a great week!
Hello Jeanne, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment...it is lovely to meet bloggers that are new to me. Your day out with the ladies for tea sure does look delicious!
What a sweet place to spend time with those you love!
joy said…
What a nice day to spend with your family. Dropping by from Inspire me Monday!
Cheapchick said…
I have never "done" tea but it sure sounds yummy
That sure looked like my kinda place! Loved that you took several pictures to share with us...sweet!! And I really liked the little touch atoo...that doily thing over the creamer. Clever women!! 😊

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