And the Curtain Goes Up

There is nothing like a night out waiting in anticipation for the curtain to go up! 

All ready for a great show!

Who doesn't like the 50's and 60's?
The Playbill we always save.

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Gemma Wiseman said…
Love the sense of romantic luxury a curtain like this suggests on stage!
Rebecca said…
Now that looks like a Great Evening!
Good for you. Dinner theater?
Paulette said…
Looks like a fabulous evening, such fun. Wonderful picture of you and your husband.
Oh wow! That must have been fabulous!
Great picture of you and your husband :)

Jill said…
Love that kind of show!!! Bet it was fun!!
Good Morning Jeanne Sweetie...
Love your post, and it looks like you both had a fabulous time. Love your picture of the two of you. Priceless.

Thank you for stopping by and sending a little love in our loss of Rasha. She was our beloved companion.

Have a beautiful day. Many hugs and much love, Sherry
Dinner theaters are so much fun!
Janet said…
Looks like you had a fun date night with your husband!
Whimsy and Juno said…
That looks like it would have been a great night! I've never been to a dinner theatre before- I will have to get to one someday!
x Lauren
Sounds like a fun show to watch :-) Dropping by from Blue Monday :-)

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