A Hidden Mickey and More

In the new Storybook Circus area I found a "Hidden Mickey"!  I didn't actually see it when I was there but it stood out when I was viewing the photos.   When I'm there I can't focus on the tiny details because the big picture is so overwhelming.  I love Disney World.  

We stayed at the All Stars Movie Resort and I was all into Disney mode right from the get go so after our initial swim I was blow drying my hair and glanced down at the towel

See the Mickey?  Well, it's a bit "icky" but  I had to run and grab the camera to record that anyway!

And last but not least as we left Disney World I glanced at the sky and saw Mickey Mouse Ears!:

Well, that is what I saw, but I had to photo shop it as I REMEMBERED seeing it because 

It actually looked like this by the time I got my camera out.  

It was pretty windy and the cloud formations only lasted a second.  

There are actually some books about the Hidden Mickeys around Disney World that you can easily order through Amazon before you take your next trip!

Here are my great Disney World / Disneyland tips and photos from our visit to
 Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!
It was a blast!! 


Lucia said…
That it so cool that you found a hidden Mickey. In all the Disney movies they always have hidden Mickeys. Is fun to try to find them!
Cute! My oldest still has his Mickey Mouse cap in his top draw.


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