Imagine our surprise to learn, after 13 months, that this pretty pink and green shrub is a flowering hibiscus!

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Rebecca said…
What a WONDERFUL surprise!
Gorgeous, great post for Rednesday ! I love hibiscus, they make me feel like I'm in Hawaii. teehee Have a great day and thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope to see ya again soon.
How beautiful...and, so worth waiting for, my friend!
Happy Rednesday!
Tami Von Zalez said…
That is a wonderful surprise! I've had some cactus and succulents surprise me too when they flowered.

Popped in from Rednesday.
What a nice and beautiful surprise. Beautiful red……I read a Mohawk's bath and I'm sure that was a surprise too. Cat's don't like to bathe……..I have to go read about his other story. Enjoy your end of summer hurrah……….

The French Hutch
bj said…
OOO, BROTHER...THIS is a GREAT surprise.
Beautiful :)
Anonymous said…
Good for you, they are beautiful.

Melissa said…
What a lovely surprise!
Oh, those are the best kind of surprises, aren't they? Very pretty!

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