A Gift from Devon, England

Devon, England 

Just the name sounds romantic!  

My sister was just there and tucked away in her suitcase a very special birthday present for me!  

She and I have a special love for Pixies

It's a little vintage souvenir piece for Wigecombe, England
and perfect for holding...well, pixie dust of course! 

This piece is marked Runnaford Pottery Devon.  
It was purchased in a charity shop chock full of delicious items. She knows me well! 

I just love the cute little shadow it made.

She takes wonderful photos of their travels around the world!

To view her blog:

Michael and Karan's Excellent Adventures

or just view her post about her trip last month:
 God Save the Queen...Our Amazing Adventure in Great Britain

Thank you, Karan!

Shared with the wonderful folks at  Shadow Shot Sunday 2


Unknown said…
I was so excited to give this little pixie to you...I knew immediately that you would love it, just as I did!
Paulette said…
What a sweet gift your sister gave you. He sure is a plump pixie.
Happy belated birthday.
JoKnows said…
What a considerate sister!

I haven't been to England for years. It's on my wish list!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Cheapchick said…
What a great souvenir! I love it!
How whimsical! I can see why you and your sister love them. Such a treasure!
Rajesh said…
That is a very nice birthday present.
colleen said…
A mischievous looking guy (and his shadow).
My name is Riet said…
What a lovely gift and nice on the shadow photo.
oh so sweet! i love sisters ;) welcome back jeanne!
Ralph said…
The English have many a fun mythical garden being to help in the growth of may a plant. We have gnomes in our yard, and you have cute pixies to aid you - and being from England, your FL garden will grow all the better. A very thoughtful gift!
Patti said…
Gifts from England! Well, we both did have a happy surprise, didn't we! Thank you for visiting me today!
BLOGitse said…
What a shadow he has! :)
Happy Sunday!
Diann said…
Great little piece. thank you for sharing at TTF last week.
Jenny Woolf said…
My great aunt used to have a little lucky pixie very much like this from Devon. As a kid I thought it was a real pixie... hmm... must have been a gullible child... :D
Laura said…
oh he's adorable

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