Breakfast These Days

Breakfast Rhapsody

Two protein, three fruit. 1 fat

A solitary bacon strip cooked extra crisp, drained well, patted with a paper towel to absorb everything flavorful.  

One medium egg, cooked well in order not to lose any yolk in runoff. 

Three triangles of fresh chilled melon without seeds. Finger food for the gods that you can nibble all the way to the white.  Refreshingly heavy with juice to quench the thirst brought on by the bacon.  Dessert at it's finest.

What did you have this morning?


Paulette said…
Looks very appealing, but I don't think I could stop at one piece of bacon.!
Thanks so much for stopping by and for your words of encouragement as I continue on my weight loss journey!!

Nedekcir said…
whoa, i will not last until lunch with those...:)

Ned of PA

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