Florida Flamingos!

I finally saw my first Flamingo since arriving in Florida almost two years ago!  

It took a visit from Shelly and a ticket to Busch Gardens.  I enjoyed the flamingos more than anything else in the park.  

They were so far away on the other side of the fence I had to use my zoom but in real life they were simply beautiful.   

I attempted a short little video so I could capture their movements and sounds

That lush pink color is more of a salmon pink, not quite the bright pink like the two pretty plastic flamingos I received a few days later for my birthday!  

My grandchildren know the way to my heart!

I'll be sharing on the June 15th Pink Saturday blog
and Ivy and Elephants and Lavender Garden's Cottage Style Party!


Good Evening Jeanne, How exciting to see flamingos, they are amazing aren't they.
I used to live in Cyprus, and we had a salt lake near the town of Larnaca which used to fill after the rains fell, every February, the flamingos would arrive and stay for about 6 weeks and then move on.
One day, we were sat in our garden and we heard this huge "hue and cry" and when we looked up to the sky, there were hundreds of flamingos flying over our house and heading to the north of the island. I have never seen such a thing and I was so mesmerized that I forgot to take a photograph, which was such a shame as it would have been a lovely photograph.
Best Wishes
My name is Riet said…
We have been there many years and i still remember the flamingo,s so beautiful
must love junk said…
What fun pics! Haven't been there in years, but I always enjoyed it!
Patti said…
When my son was little he asked for pink plastic flamingos for his birthday. He just loved to play with those - he was so goofy. Whenever I see real or plastic flamingos I think of him. I teach kindergarten - and my kiddos really love them, too! They really are neat birds!
Paulette said…
I think flamingos are the most interesting birds, and who wouldn't like a pink bird that stands on one leg!
LV said…
These live ones look much better than the yard decorations we have around here.
Flamingos are so beautiful! I am always amazed at how they can stand on one of those skinny spindly legs! I bet it was a gorgeous sight -- all that pink clumped together!
You did a great job capturing the flamingos. Living in Fl for most of my life I think I took these beautiful birds for granted. Now we live in the mountains and we enjoy the wildlife so much.

Happy Pink Sat. and days.
xo, Jeanne

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