Everglades Wonder Gardens

It was all by chance that we found Everglades Wonder Gardens located in Bonita Springs, FL.  Our hotel had a local weekly newspaper publication with a flamingo on the cover that caught my eye.  I read about how this aging Old Florida attraction had closed after 77 years.  Now it is reopening under new management and undergoing renovations.  The admission price is currently reduced to $10.00 as the renovations are just beginning.  

What fun!  We made it our first stop of the day!

We were greeted upon entering by one of the new owners. She had lots of stories about the renovation and upcoming plans.  I know we will be making a return trip.  

It has only been in renovation for a month and most of the work has been done on the original building.  It is now an art gallery, museum and gift shop.  

The Gift Shop 

There are wonderful items to purchase.  The baskets and hats are crafted in Africa and purchased through Fair Trade.  I found the prices very reasonable.

The Art Gallery

The gallery displays beautiful landscape photographs of Florida. 

The photographer is 
John Brady
A descendent of the famous Civil War Photographer, Matthew Brady.  

The antiques and relics on display in the gallery really draw you back into Old Florida

 The Museum

Wonderful old cases full of interesting artifacts and rows of bottles where unusual specimens float. 
A delightful place for the curious. 

These are old slides mounted on a vintage wheel.  It wasn't really on display, just located in a corner where there were many old signs stacked.  Perhaps originally they projected images on a screen of the attraction in yesteryear, an early version of the videos many museums have today.  

I really enjoyed this area, fully air conditioned and spacious.  I can see that this attraction in Bonita Springs Florida, when fully renovated, will be first class all the way.  

But wait!  There is more to come!  
I want to show you the outdoors next.    The Brady's plan to take it from a roadside zoo attraction to a botanical gardens setting featuring a smaller amount of native Florida animals. 

Click Here to read my Part II post!


Rebecca said…
What a bold undertaking! Sounds like a really interesting place.
NatureFootstep said…
seems like a nice place to spend a day.
Gemma Wiseman said…
The owners have a mammoth task ahead, but imagine all the joy they must bring to those who remember this landmark from grand yesterdays! The old Florida gallery sounds fascinating!
Ralph said…
This looks like such a great attraction - showcasing the Sunshine State in an era prior to the hordes of snowbirds in the early 1960s. Very cool find!
So cool and what an ambitious project! My hats off to the new owners for taking it on and not letting a slice of local history disappear.
Rajesh said…
Beautiful place with great entrance.
Anonymous said…
It looks such a super place to visit. Looking forward to the next installment!
Kalyan Panja said…
beautiful captures...lovely!
Leovi said…
Yes, a very interesting place!
colleen said…
Maybe someday I'll go there. Nice shadows to rest in.
Hannah said…
Nice museum, I like the green and white banner strip at the top of the walls.
Katrin said…
What a beautiful place! Love your pictures and the turquoise everywhere.
Anonymous said…
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