The First Day of Summer

The first day of summer ought to look like this:

Families parked under pink beach umbrellas

 A daughter enjoying the water at the shoreline

Grandchildren having a friendly tussle because there is no television,
smart phone or gaming device within three miles.

But unfortunately that lovely day was in April.

Today the skies were 
grey and the storm clouds drizzled on and off all day.  Even the sunset was at a disappointing 8:29 PM and it was completely dark by 8:45 on this, the longest day of the year.  No lingering twilight after sunset like they enjoy in the northern states.

Even though it wasn't a picture perfect day...those drippy rains today, this first day of summer, greened up our "lawn" and watered thirsty plants.  

May I wish you a very happy summer!  

I want to thank Beverly for
featuring me this week
Come and take a look!

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Rebecca said…
Clever post, Jeanne! Hope the summer yields some sunny days for you soon :)
Paulette said…
Congrats for your feature over at How Sweet the Sound, for her Pink Saturday link party. I did enjoy the flamingo that post and photos.

It may have rained and been gloomy, but your grass and flowers got a good soaking, that's a plus.

Have a fabulous weekend.
Anonymous said…
Hello Jeanne,

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and your compliments.
Happy PS to you !
LV said…
No matter where you live, enjoy the day. The weather changes so quickly.
bj said…
bwaaaaaaa....I want to be
lying beneath a PINK umbrella...:))
Love this...looks like so much fun,
Happy Pinks
Leovi said…
No doubt some nice pictures, I love going to the beach with friends! Best regards!
Unknown said…
lovely photos - looks like so much fun. We love family outings.
xinex said…
What a fun family time even though it was in April. Beautiful photos!...Christine
Certainly does look like a perfect day of summer. Hope you have many more! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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