Through the Eye of Mark Twain

Taking a turn around Tom Sawyers Island on the large Riverboat in Frontierland.  I noticed this rustic lattice
fence encircling a vintage windmill.

Around the bend, another mill.  

Another bend further down the river reveals the last of this fence surrounding an
abandoned burning log cabin.
Indian Joe's hideout?

I haven't taken a ride on the riverboat for years, I had forgotten what a nice long trip it was and how much there was to see,   Disney does everything right!
Next time I may go over to Tom Sawyers Island and explore.  Who knows what's lurking in the middle? 

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eileeninmd said…
Hello, wonderful images and scene from the riverboat. Sounds like a fun time. I like the windmill and the Harper's Mill. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!
Gail said…
I love history and enjoyed these pictures.

Thanks for visiting.
Nancy Chan said…
Sounds like fun. I would love to take a boat ride along the river to check out on all the interesting things you have captured with your camera.
Christine said…
I love the effort Disney puts into recreating the real thing! The mill was my favourite! Great photos and memories!
Oh, I love that Harper's mill as your other 2 captures - so iconic of N-America!
LV said…
What a fun place to go. I would love being along with you.
I love those old water wheels, great shots.
TexWisGirl said…
makes for some beautiful scenes!
Gerald (SK14) said…
love the sails on the windmill
OK, now finally this looks familiar -- we've been on this at the California Disneyland every time we've gone. We have got off on the island too. I still want to go to Epcot.
The windmill and Harper's Mill is adorable, love it! The water wheels are just so of the time too.
We've been at Disney World in Orlando only. Never been in California, although I lived in LA when I was single.
Grantham Lynn said…
Oh what great shots. I love the windmill. Looks like a great place to visit. Thanks for coming by my Fence post. I had visited a few this morning and hadn't got to you. You beat me. I enjoyed visiting and I'm following you now!
I wanted to mention my grandson is very Blessed! The horse is his. My Cowboy and I don't have any horses anymore. My daughter has two on for her and one for Zane. The other rider in the photo is a student that leases our daughters horse. Helps pay his bills. Our daughter teaches at a local barn. If you happen by you'll see lots of horse pictures. I miss having my own!
I hope you have a wonderful Friday!
Michelle said…
Love seeing that mill!
Debby Ray said…
Isn't it funny how we notice fences everywhere we go? These are great examples!
Rose said…
I love both those mills...but favor the second slightly.
Susan said…
Hello Jeannie Marie. What fun you had! Have you ever been to the Mark Twain house in Hartford, Ct. where he lived for many years? It's a fabulous tour with sooooo much history. Take care and thanks for sharing. Susan
Love themill and all the fences in this post
Breathtaking said…
Hello!:) Wow! What a wonderful experience to sail by these fantastic mills in Frontierland. Loved all your shots!:)
Ida said…
What great little scenes on that little cruise. You found some wonderful fences to share for sure.
Donna said…
Hello, and thanks for the sweet comment. I did not know about this. I haven't been to Disney in years, and would love to go back.
Erica said…
It feels a little like the Netherlands. There are a lot of mills

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