Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mr. Mohawk

Mr. Mohawk is feelin' fine today!  

We have been under the weather for a few days and grateful that we don't have to struggle to get to work anywhere.  This is when retirement is so appreciated! 

10 GREAT  things about having  Bronchitis:

1.  Eating slivered almonds before taking meds. 

2.Drinking icy Ginger Ale. 

3.  Having a husband get sick AFTER your worst days are behind you.

4. A new flavor of Airborne. 

5,  Hot Steamy facials three times a day that baby my congested lungs.   

6.  No appetite and the bonus that goes with that.

7.  Round the clock naps. 

8.  Get Well cards.

9.  A cat to cuddle with.


10.  Words With Friends. 


Paulette said...

Glad you are feeling better and back blogging. Continue to stay healthy:))

Bijou Sugar-Socks said...

good to see you back too jeanne!

Adri Hunt said...

Hope you are feeling better!