Practical Knitting

Nothing fancy but some practical knitting is in the works at Tortoise Cottage this week.  

I'm once again getting low on dishcloths and trying to use up all the many balls of cotton string I found at the last chance Goodwill in Dayton.  I paid maybe a dollar for a dozen and a half balls of string, most of which were full, but some used.  

I'm sure to have a few finished by Friday, I make them small because I prefer a smaller dishcloth than one that is bulky and hard to wring out.  The ones from fall are still in use and even the yellow and white bleach out beautifully.  I'm surprised at the durability. 

The best thing is the loose knitted texture does not hold onto bits of food, they just fall through and the cloths air dry very quickly. 

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Paulette said…
I really like knitted dish cloths, the difference is you are talented enough to knit yours and I have to attend craft fairs to purchase mine.
Huda said…
Nice post
Good blog
I am following your blog with GFC
now follow back my blog with GFC too
i love your color combination :)
Ioana-Carmen said…
Lovely colors! Check my blog and follow me if you want!:X
Good Morning Jeanne Sweetie...
Oh how I adore the beautiful purple and white. It is such a playful combination and would make anyone so happy to be washing dishes with.

Knitting is something I dream about. I have been told that I have two left hands, and everyone that has tried to teach me, has given up rather quickly.

Love your project dear one. Thank you for sharing. Have a glorious Sunday. Many hugs and much love, Sherry
Wendy said…
I've always wanted to learn how to knit, I even have all of my moms old needles. I love the idea of making your own cloths - very cool!!!

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