Pottery at a Sensible Price

I just love it when I can find beautiful pieces of hand thrown pottery people just give away to charity.  I wish I had the talent to make it, but I only have the talent to choose it! 

I'm picturing it full of artfully decorated Easter eggs! 

 This week I found a piece in a favorite color too! 
The size and shape of the bowl is so beautiful and I love the markings and texture on the outside.  Inside it's a smooth finish.  

$1.07 out the door for a signed pottery bowl.  Happy me!

Testing eggs.  Dying eggs in a marble fashion would be gorgeous in this bowl. 

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That is indeed a beautiful piece of pottery. I think it would be beautiful if filled with eggs or anything, or even left empty. Thanks for sharing at my Egg-xellent Spring Party. Blessings, Barb
oh how pretty! i love the color of that pottery :) what a great find!
Wendy said…
Wow, Jeanne - the bowl is gorgeous and the price is definitely right. Beautiful find, enjoy it! :)

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