Step II Spring Fling

While painting the front door I had an idea that I could use leftover paint to touch up the stone that was so discolored in the front of the house.  We moved in a few months ago and the discolored stones were a thorn in my side.  I thought maybe lightly brushing some orange on them would mask the discoloration.  But first I wanted to wash off dust and dirt.  

To my surprise, the black was a moss buildup and probably blackened from the traffic fumes over the last twenty five years.  It actually scrubbed off pretty easily.  Before I got too far, I ran in and got my camera to document the difference. 

 I was using a stiff brush, fairly good sized.  Have you noticed we still have falling leaves!! 

 When I was finished I got the camera and admired my work, but noticed how black it still was in between the stones.  I needed a smaller brush, so got an old toothbrush out and scrubbed in between.

Wow!  I'm happy with that!  I could brush more and spend another day or two, but I actually like some of the mossy patina.  I am just pretty happy with the days work as it is.  I didn't have to brush on any paint at all on the stones to clean up this area. 

Step II of my Spring Fling is completed.


Adri Hunt said…
Wow! That looks incredible!!! Love it!
Wendy said…
Huge difference - looks great!!!

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