Spring Fling

Since we moved here I've been itching to paint the front door.  The former owners picked up the salmon/pink color in the bricks outside the front door.

We decided to feature the burnt orange stones. 
Orange is often called the “social” color, as it creates the energy to promote lively conversations and good times in your  home.   Well, we'll see!   That's what we would like! 

 Feng Shui advises that doors that face northeast should be orange, purple or yellow.  Well, we don't practice Feng Shui, but it's nice to know we aren't offending the mystical/mythical Feng Shui gods.   Our front door couldn't be any more north/east if we tried.
Step one in beautifying the entrance!

Then there is Mohawk....

 ...our orange and white cat, busy beautifying the patio.   Orange just seems to be our color!

Partying at:

Tell it to Me Tuesday 
Apron Thrift Girl 
Just a Party with My Peeps


Paulette said…
The color on the door looks very nice, good job.
mohawk's tail matches ur new orange door perfectly! aaww he's a tired cute cat :)
Wendy said…
I love orange and I love your door!!! Mohawk is too sweet!
This looks so nice with the other colors of your home! Nice work. A newly painted door is just perfect for spring. Makes you feel good every time you walk it :)

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