This Weeks Thrifting

I'm being a bit more careful because I don't resell.  All thrift items stay here at Tortoise Cottage and I have to find a niche for them.  I have been thinking of getting a consignment booth but the fear will not pay for itself and all the items will come home to roost.  That has happened before...if you haven't seen the garage of my former home.... see this blog post from last summer when we finally started digging out!

But I digress....haha!  Here are my lovely picks of the week! 

Unmarked Cereal Bowls
They look like Fireking or Pyrex.  I wonder if someone will recognize the pattern?  

 Easter is coming and I am going to fix this tin basket up for someone special. $0.79. 

This was just too lovely to leave...haha..get it?  It was still wrapped in the plastic and the scent is cucumber mint  Fifty cents.

And my prize was the coffee canister!   Well, it's a canister that I am using for coffee.  I have always just used the plastic jar Folgers French Vanilla comes in but when I saw this ceramic canister that is marked Italy, I had to have it.  The accent colors are black and aqua.  It looks brand new.  No chips or cracks.  And.....the coffee measuring spoon fits inside!     I believe I might have paid $2.99 for it.  Somehow I blanked on the price. 
  The shine reflects the light, but it's solid red.  The above photo looks like there is a flaw but it's a trick of the camera.  OH...and BTW...It doesn't require any new storage either because it fits in the  cupboard that I kept the plastic coffee canister!  
And, last but not least...well, it is the least!  I picked up some nice clean wood pants hangers for Bill, who had requested some awhile back.  $0.39 each! 
I also thrifted five beautiful tops...The first that I've posted is in my Stylin' Sixties blog.  So cute!

Partying again with Her Library Adventures Flea Market Finds


Wendy said…
You're right, that red canister is a beauty!!!
Hi Jeanne,

Your thrifting finds are terrific.

Have a nice weekend:)

Paulette said…
I think your canister is lovely, I would have bought it myself!
MessyMerci said…
I am always looking for wood hangers like those and can never find them- the red on that cannister is awesome :) I used to live near Tampa when I was in high school (pret-thrifting days)... wish I could thrift in those areas now. I miss the Florida flea markets.

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