Back in April, while my sister was visiting from California, we five took a day and all my sisters and I went to lunch with Mom and went thrifting.

We spotted a new thrift store really close to my house and stopped in.  We weren't expecting anything because it was in a very rural area and somewhat hard to find, but it did have a big sign out on the highway.

It turned out to be a great shop, packed to the rafters and beyond.  Patty bought a teapot, Mom found a book.  Karan found something I really coveted at the time, but now I've forgotten what it was!  Haha.  Janet found some things for her house.  But I didn't find a thing I absolutely had to have.

Then I spotted it.  

It was on the way out and this table was outside the building, with a very wobbly leg and looking pretty sad.  

But I liked the lines.  And it was only $8.00! 

I liked the shape of the leg

And the detail on all four sides was really nice.  Underneath I could see it was good solid wood.  Maybe maple? I was thinking of a coffee table makeover...picturing it painted aqua.  I decided I really wanted it. I offered $6.00 and it was mine!

Karan's trunk was full so we detoured home first and dropped it off, then went to lunch.

Lunch was essential to fortify ourselves for the next few shops.  We had a good time!


So my table has been sitting there now for weeks accusing me.  Patty went home to the golden state, Karan has been on a month long cruise and back again and my cat has decided to make the table his perch out on the patio.  It's just high enough for him to stretch out on and gaze out into the yard.  If he isn't lying on it he is lying under it.  His cave.  It started to feel like it was his. 
 It was time to restore the table. 

Bill fixed the leg in about two minutes.  Next, I found an off white "oops" paint at Home Depot that the clerk graciously offered to color for me.  $17.00 marked down to $5.99.  He couldn't promise an exact match since we weren't starting with white.  I agreed to buy it no matter what color came out.  I was on pins and needles hoping that it wouldn't be gray.  It wasn't.  

So I sanded all last week a bit at a time and painted today, the coffee table makeover was almost complete.  

Ta Da! 

I found this old Pottery Barn rug rolled up in the back of  my closet.  I used it in the bedroom in my other house but I'm using a different one now.   I had forgotten I brought it.  It had just enough aqua in it to pull the room all together.  That was a bonus!  

I have to wait a bit to distress it if I'm going to. I would want to give the paint time to really set.  But,  I'm not sure I want to.  I kind of prefer the natural distressing that happens over time.  I think people tend to over distress furniture and it has that "newly distressed" look rather than old.  I like things to look old.   I have time anyway to think about it. 

Right now I'm just perfectly happy with the coffee table makeover, especially the color!  

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Cheapchick said…
It turned out great - very Springy. Good job!
Paulette said…
Your table does have great lines, and sure looks pretty all redone. ❤
Adri Hunt said…
Wow! That looks awesome! I love it!!!
what a find! i love the color... so soft and light and refreshing to the eye... the rug is just perfect :)
I think it looks great! I was really nervous about over distressing my coffee table when I redid mine... & it is actually a little too distressed on top... Maybe I'll redo it someday, but it works for now!

Love the blue!
david said…
Wow! Quite a find at $6! And it looks great - esp with the rug - I'm always amazed by people who can pull a space together like that. Great job!
What an amazing transformation. The table turned out beautifully.
Rani Engineer said…
That's gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by La Maison Jolie.
Abby said…
You done real good! :o) Bargain table,bargain paint...'new'!! I'm like the distressed look from the wear and tear of normal life..character. I never mind getting someone elses' dinged up stuff! Great post!
amazing job! i wish i had talent like that to take something old and broke and make it look new and awesome. well done!
JoKnows said…
It looks so pretty and I love the combo of the table and the rug. Nice to forget that you have something so great!
Beautiful! It looks really great!

Rebecca said…
Oh, how fun to FIND you! We would be quick friends in person! I would have sprung for this table in a nanosecond! And I would have painted it this color, also....

If I read another of your posts correctly, I'm "up" one birthday on you :) Let's keep in touch.
Debbiedoos said…
A thrifting we will go. I love the table, and that rug is super pretty to go with it. Thanks for sharing and joining in on the newbie party.
Unknown said…
Wow it looks terrific!!! Well done! Hopping over from the newbie party XO

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