Colorful Houses

I love that Florida is full of colorful houses.  It reminds me of Bermuda, only not quite as concentrated.  In Bermuda every house is a lovely solid bright color.  From the deck of the ship it looks like Easter.  Here, colorful houses are frequent but in between are many normal looking, dare I say, boring looking houses.  

Bill and I were driving around and came upon this neighborhood. I grabbed for my camera when we drove past this house.

It has a garden in the front yard, a cute picket fence.  

But it's the bright blue color that caught my eye.  I love it. The yellow sunflowers are a perfect contrast!

Around the corner is The Alamo.  Bill named it right off, it was the exquisite green color that caught my eye.

And right next door was a much too subtle version albeit with some gorgeous trim...but wait...upon looking closer...
What's with all the artfully stacked stones?  What does that mean?  I'm so intrigued.  Look at the ones looking like Stone Henge!  Still, I want to paint the table yellow and the chairs aqua.  And the house pink.

Another turn of the corner and we happen upon this one. Please move that air conditioner!  That's all.

Am I a sucker for stucco?  I  Is this Bermuda or Florida?  Is it Texas or Florida?  

I know for sure it isn't Ohio. 

For more, even more colorful houses click here


JoKnows said…
Sweet houses! So different from my area. The only colours are on the garages, and the houses are all similar!
i love the blue house with the picket fence and the sunflowers :) love ur comment on the air conditioner, i have the same sentiments :)
Wendy said…
Over in Orlando and Winter Park, in the old money neighborhoods, you'll see a lot of really pretty, colorful houses. Makes me want to try and paint ours a bolder color (but I'm scared).
Rita O. said…
Hey, I saw your comment on Jill's blog and clicked on your blog. I will have to catch up on them sometime. I have a blog now, if you're interested:

By the way, the colorful houses are fun!

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