Sometimes One Just Happens Upon Things

It was after 8:00 PM and I was expecting it to be dark outside. We were walking out of the church and I was marveling at a brilliant sunset when I noticed someone looking up the other direction.  I turned and stunned to see a beautiful rainbow over the church.  It was a double rainbow.  My phone camera didn't pick up the second arc very well but when enlarged you can see it..  

I stepped back and tried to capture the full arc. 

This was looking east and it appears like it's broad daylight.  Again, the strange thing is I was expecting it to be dark when we left.  It was a shock to come out of the building facing west to be almost blinded by a brilliant orange sky full of clouds.  The sun had just gone below the line of clouds and illuminated them.  The whole sky was orange gold. Then to turn and find this huge rainbow in a blue sky.

It only lasted for a moment.  We walked to our vehicle and as we were driving away, the sun had already dropped below the horizon and the clouds and sky became very dark and the rainbow had disappeared.

  It was such an extraordinary  gift. 

I'm so pleased I was able to get a picture to remember.


This is stunning! You really captured a beautiful moment at just the right time. Thanks for sharing.
What great pictures!! Thanks for sharing!
Paulette said…
What a beautiful rainbow and a sweet surprise for you to see.
gorgeous picture! rainbows always make me so happy.
Wendy said…

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