The Joy of Lumpia

I have always loved egg rolls and spring rolls and never looked into how to make them.  I loved the crisp outside with it's deep fried goodness and decadence.  Then Ruby joined the family and became famous for her Lumpia.  I love meat filling even more than veggies so Lumpia became an instant hit with me.

Ruby would fix it for the family when we all got together and would make a huge platter full. I always wanted more!  It's a process that can get very old when you are the cook if you make too many or make it too often.  It's also a little pricy when you add in the dipping sauce.

I'm not good at deep frying and it's not good for us.  With all the left over oil after frying only one dish, it  seemed such a waste if you have to throw it out.  I found a way around that.  First, I used olive oil. This is much, much better for you than other oils.  Secondly, I could save and reuse the oil making popcorn.  A healthier dessert/evening snack for us. 

So I bit the bullet and bought all the ingredients:

Sweet dipping sauce
Small wraps
Ground beef (very lean)
Soy Sauce (you can use low sodium)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I had on hand,
salt and pepper

I mixed the ground beef with chopped onion, grated carrot, garlic, S&P, and soy sauce.  I didn't measure, I just guessed.  I would say about 2T soy sauce, 1t garlic, a large carrot, 1 lb ground beef and you can make adjustments from there.

Assemble your dish of water, wrapper and meat mixture. 

You squeeze a bit of this mixture into a log shape and place it in the middle of a wrapper.  Make sure it is no thicker than your thumb.  This way the ground beef will cook completely before the wrapper gets too brown.

Fold the wrapper and wet the end with water to make a seal.

I like them to be full, so after making  them I tamp a bit of extra mixture into both ends.

Make them all up before you begin to fry.  They should look like this:

Deep fry until one side is nice and brown, turn it over and cook the other side.  You much watch them very carefully.

Drain them very well.

I kept them hot in the oven while frying

Serve with dipping sauce.  A dozen makes a meal!  Yum!

They were EASY PEASY to make, even though it was time consuming.  I really don't know why I waited a over a decade to try to do them!!  I was so successful I am going to ask Ruby how to make some of her other Filipino dishes.

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Paulette said…
Yummy looking ... now I'm hungry :))
ohmygoodness! i am guessing ruby is filipino????? because i LOVE lumpia too and i make it at home a LOT :) and i also have the same exact recipe for it :D ur lumpia is making me crave it now hehe i am deffo makng it today :) thanks jeanne! heres a wonderful tutorial on another way of wrapping lumpia:
ooppsss yes u did mention she is filipino ehehe soon as i saw ur lumpia didnt read it till the end to write my comment because i was so excited :)
Jeannie Marie said…
Yes, Ruby is Filipino! They met when my son was stationed at the embassy in Manila as a Marine Security Guard. He went on to serve in Africa and Finland and when he came out of the Marines she joined him here in the states. In my previous post I have a photo of the family..she is wearing glasses, my son is in the back, far left.
I love Lumpia!! Thanks for sharing the recipe! I'm your newest follower!
Yum! Glad to hear you finally decided to make them for yourself. A wonderful treat!!
Yumm! Those look delicious! Thanks for sharing them Jeannie!

@ Creatively Living
Laura said…
YUMMY!!! I love reusing the oil, so totally penny worthy! can't wait to see what you bring next week!
Wendy said…
I'll make these, too - Lumpia and orange zest cookies... yummmmmmmmm!

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