Mother's Day 2012

I've been a mom and celebrated now for over forty years on this special day of days.  Even after my daughters had children, it was still the grandchildren's privilege to provide the special day for their moms.  I always felt very celebrated along with them.  

Our Family   July 4, 2010
Kyle's birthday! 
 My kids have always given me a wonderful day, and this year as well!  They thoughtfully sent me tickets to our local dinner theater!  This is one of my favorite things to do and I'm so excited!  I had a phone call from each one of the four and spent time with them that way, individually this year.  I feel very, very blessed.

But this year after a crazy year of changes, I am now my mothers neighbor, friend, daughter all rolled into one! I wanted to make the day very special for her.  She has always been into celebrating in a big way every occasion!  I've been the lucky recipient of her fun spirit over my childhood years.  After marriage, my husband and I lived far away for many years and Mother's Day was a card and a gift sent ahead of time, or often...late!  

So this time I was in charge of the celebration!   Karan was away on a cruise this year, Janet was home sick with a horrible flu bug and Patty was at home in California. Their cards,gifts and calls came earlier. 

 Our card was a water color of her gift...

....a rose tree for her porch!

A cake for after dinner...

which was celebrated at Longhorns with wine and an extra large steak!  

During dinner I remembered suddenly I had forgotten all about the gifts my sisters and I went together and made for her!!  Boy would I have been in duck soup!

After we got home, I quickly went in wrapped them and brought them out to a very surprised Mom.  

First the picture of the four of us.  We had all been together last month and my brother in law took the photos.  Karan and I contributed the frames and Patty had them printed.  Janet, Patty and I chose the photos for enlargement.

Then she opened the one of all of us together....with Mom!! 

Her expression says it all!  Love this one!

And the fun package, a purse size photo album with one of every "good" shots of the session!  Since each of us liked different photos of ourselves, we chose our favorite and enlarged just our own face and so she has four individuals as well.

After the gifts we finished the celebration by cutting the chocolate layer cake for dessert!  

It was the perfect ending to a very nice afternoon!  I felt very lucky to have had Mother's Day with my mom after all these years!

 I decided to feature Mom and her red roses at Rednesday


Adri Hunt said…
That is very sweet! The cake is beautiful! Hope you had a wonderful mother's day!
Whimsy and Juno said…
Awww it sounds like you had a fantastic Mother's Day! And how special to be able to celebrate it with such a large family! That cake you got your mum looks totally gorgeous too!
xoxo Lauren
the phone calls from each of ur kids are sooo special :) u truly are so blessed :D i love that now u get to spend a lot of time with ur mom too :) i love the cake u gave her :D wonderful family!
Jill said…
Your Mom looks happy - you gave her a wonderful day!!
★Carol★ said…
I'm so jealous......I've ALWAYS wanted to go to a dinner theater! The closest one to us closed down about 10 years ago, so I missed my chance. Sounds like everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!
Happy REDnesday,

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