Vintage Scarves or No?

 I was out thrifting yesterday and I found a rack with lots of scarves but only a few that I thought were worthy.  As I pulled each one off the rack and placed them in the basket, they all seemed to go together.

When I run into this I can't help but feel that all the scarves I chose were from the same closet.  Someone who liked what I like now.  Someone whose group of scarves has not been picked over yet. Are they vintage and part of an estate?  Are they being weeded out to make room for the new?  Were they donated by accident?  Hmmm...I'll just put my BEST scarves in this box...oops...where did that box go?

                      I was inspired by JoKnows blog to do a post on my scarf finds this week.

 My favorite by far. 
 I love the water colored flowers, the slightly stiffer fabric with the ironed in wrinkles.  The muted colors.  

This was chosen because it will be just right with a sweater I love to wear.

The tweedy look.  The colors are great, but it's the tiny herringbone pattern that will let me pair this up very effectively with other patterns.  

The soft browns and apricot will be great next fall.  If I can wait that long.  It's actually striped but doesn't it look almost like plaid?  

Animal prints are fun and this zebra is great.  I am often in need of a long black and white scarf and I only had a small square one.  I danced the happy dance when I snatched this off the rack!

I hesitated here.  I put it in and put it back, picked it up again and put it back.  It came home with me because I loved the colors and the silky feel.  It's definitely a holiday scarf with all those magical blue and purple snowflakes on Christmas red background. 

I think they are just lovely together.  And I definitely think they all belonged to one person.  They do now anyway.  It was a good day at the Goodwill. 

You'll want to visit Rednesday where you will find other great red items!
And the party at Flea Market Finds


Paulette said…
Love a good scarf and yours are certainly keepers.
LV said…
I am not a scarf person, but these will look very nice on you.
What a nice variety you've got there! I too love scarves and have a collection from many years back.

Thanks for stoppping by The Checkered Apple today! Please come back again!
Blue and purple snowflakes on a red background--perfect!

Tiny Red Leaves
You are right...they needed to stay together! They are lovely!

Wendy said…
Joann is a cool chick!

I would have definitely taken the pink one you weren't sure about - the colors are beautiful! All wonderful finds, Jeannie - enjoy them! :)
Grammy Goodwill said…
You were lucky to find all those scarves at Goodwill. You hit the scarf mother lode, it appears!
Great finds! I think the striped/plaid one is my personal favorite, but they're all lovely!
Jill said…
I bet they did belong to the same person, the styles seem similar!! Your lucky day!!
JoKnows said…
Hey Jeannie, Thanks so much for mentioning my scarf post. (And thanks Wendy for saying I'm cool. ;) You guys make me feel sooo good. I love your scarf selections. I kind of wish the thrift stores would keep some collections together when they are donated, rather than splitting them up. Same goes for dishes!

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