A Mexican Nativity

While visiting Cozumel, Mexico I saw some lovely Christmas decorations
If you notice the streetlight, you will see behind it a large decoration designed to be lit at night with stars and such in red and green neon.  These were placed all down the street but we didn't stay after dark so we didn't see them lit up.  I bet they were beautiful. 

Then, when I turned this corner to the left ...

I spotted this beautiful, nearly life size, nativity!
I asked the people, guarding the nativity where is the baby Jesus?  They explained that it is Jesus is on the left, as a grown man and Mary is on the right.  Did I notice the halos?  A very unusual nativity.  

 To the right of the crib were the rest of the figures and a large Christmas tree.
 Joseph is in the background and two more kings and a donkey kneeling in front is all cast in the same  as the Jesus and Mary figures.  Flat, wooden replicas of lambs and shepherds and a donkey are added.  

The special star against the night sky was beautiful. 

Surprisingly, in this city I did not see another nativity on display.  

One store did have a table of them.  Each one very unique and artsy. Oh the regret of not snapping a photo. 

These are mine at home:
This Italian set was a gift from my husband many years ago.  It was "lost" for so many years and only found when we moved.  It was in a small box in the far corner of our attic.  

 This set was a gift 
from my sister, Patty,  years ago. 
It means so much to me since she painted them.  

A thrifted nativity that I liked

Simple, yet says it all.

Merry Christmas!  


Inside Cambodia said…
Hello Jeannie!
What a lovely collection of the nativity. Each set is special in their own ways. I have a special spot for hand-made and thrifted ones, to :)

Thank you for visiting my post. Have a Happy Holidays!

Inside Cambodia
Lola said…
The best NY Eve firework displays I've ever seen were in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

Lovely photos & blog - a joy to visit!
Rebecca said…
The life-sized one was interesting....
And all of yours are sweet. Sure glad you found that one. It is exquisite!

I didn't get mine out this year...but I did put out some "strays" - figures I found sans their sets.

Yesterday at church, someone gifted me with a KNITTED nativity set! It is definitely a unique one!

Merry Christmas, Jeannie Marie!
Anonymous said…
Love them all. That was odd with the first. I've never heard of that, and we actually had a set years back which was made in Mexico including baby Jesus. I wonder if the folks guarding it gave it their own interpretation. teehee Typically Joseph and Mary both have halos.
I have two nativity sets at home and my favorite is a tiny one I purchased years ago. I love it because every figure has a smile from cheek to cheek, including the animals. :)
Thank you for sharing and for stopping by the table.
Merry Christmas!!
Gillena Cox said…
Happy Monday,

Wishes for a Happy Holidays

AND please link in at my blob during The 'Twelve days of Christmas' Dec 25th - Jan 5th

much love...
Hannah said…
That is quite an unusual Nativity, I've never heard of one like that. It's great that you finally found your missing Italian Nativity, it is really special. Your other ones are nice too. I have a couple of old ones that are plaster or ? and I repainted them some to fix them up where faded or rubbed off, so now they look great.
Vanessa said…
All beautiful. These remind me of ones I'd see in Italy :)
Anonymous said…
such beautiful collections and photos ~ you are blessed ~ thanks for visiting ~ Merry Xmas, carol, xxx
Ajay Kumar said…
All paintings looking Beautiful!!

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