Art in the City

The Wall Mural in Tarpon Springs, Florida

Beautifully designed and built  by The Garden Fairies of Tarpon Springs

Please enlarge some of the more detailed photographs by clicking on them.

Every section is a work of art.

The beautiful face was calming overlooking the city

The details in the mural were fascinating

 She was holding a lovely bouquet

 The background tiles were amazing

Many pieces were in relief.  

A fishing community

Put it all together and 
you find this gorgeous and colorful 
tile mural

A labor of love!  

The sign next to it indicates all those involved in the design and construction of this 
lovely mural.

Next time you come to Tarpon Springs, don't just visit the dock area, the city itself has much to offer.

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Leovi said…
Beautiful photos! I like this wonderful mural, magnificent details!
Dorothy said…
You did a fantastic job capturing the details in this!
StarTraci said…
Those tile murals are amazing. I wish I had skills like that!
This is such a neat mural! You got some great photos of it, and I like that it is dedicated to a woman.

We have something similar in St. Augustine that I just love.



lina@home tips said…
Those murals really beautify the city.
SmilingSally said…
Morning Jeannie Marie,

Do you live in Tarpon Springs? I live close by. Perhaps we could meet.

I have never seen these murals; they are really super. Thanks for sharing.

Have a good Blue Monday.
Hi Jeannie Marie, I have been to Tarpon Springs but I have not seen this gorgeous tile mural. It is stunning in every way and your photos have done it justice for sure.
A beautiful Blue Monday entry to day.
Hugs, Jeanne
Unknown said…
Beautiful murals! Very pretty details in all of them.
Hannah said…
I love ceramic murals, thanks for sharing! I like the details in the fly-fishing tiles, and the fruits and round blur tiles.
Gattina said…
Very beautiful indeed !
Leovi said…
Yes, I love the first, this composition is very pictorial!
Vanessa said…
Would love to see this in person, beautiful!
Anonymous said…
Wow, amazing work and detail. I'll have to come back and show my daughter (she's in bed) because she takes art classes and really loves art. She'd love to see these. Thanks for sharing! -Dawn @ We Call It
Chrissy Brand said…
What a fabulous selection of real artists. Would happily buy and display some of these at home.
SewSweetVIntage said…
I love mosaic art work!!!! Thanks for sharing:)
Beautiful! So much creativity and many many hours of work and patience.
This wall mural is amazing! I can't even begin to imagine the time, work and true labor of love it was to create. So beautiful!
Anonymous said…
I love this post and like everybody else, I love the mural. Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)
must love junk said…
Wow-beautiful! I'd really love to be there now to escape our cold weather!
Micupoftea said…
Hello- what a lovely thing to see in town. I always enjoy small surprises like art, sculpture, beautiful landscaping or other pleasant finds that brighten daily life. Happy December. Thanks for visiting my blog :)
Really amazing! So much detail in each and every one. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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