Ruby Princess

It was a wonderful to take a cruise in the middle of December and just while away the time on board ship.  Here are a few pictures  I snapped:

My baby sister, Janet and I shared a stateroom. 
You remember Janet! She is the artist I featured awhile back.

Pssst.  We are wearing our newly thrifted outfits!
See what a large, roomy stateroom we had!  

Everywhere there were beautiful decorations for Christmas!

Even the ceilings were gorgeous.  This, of course is the "everyday" look!

I really liked this piece.  Sea turtles on coral, that I found in an alcove.
My Shadow Shot for the week!
This cruise was overcast almost every day!

Outside along the rail it was beautiful, windy and warm.
I loved seeing the ships name stamped on the life preservers.
Occasional glimpses of the sun provided a shadow or two caught here!

In the distance, along the horizon you could see other ships in their lanes.

My review of the ship

I enjoyed each meal for different reasons.  I loved the buffet for the amazing choices.  It was a large buffet and items were frequently refilled.  There wasn't a long line at any time I was there.  The wait staff was attentive and our drinks were refilled constantly.  The assigned dining room for dinner was amazing.  The menu had wonderful daily choices.  It was always served hot and there was not a lag between courses.  Everyone at the table was served at the same time.  Steaks were tender, and combination meals very flavorful.  

Tea was served every afternoon and it was so delightful.  A variety of sandwiches, cookies and desserts were offered with scones, jam and clotted cream.  Trays were brought around several times and tea was refilled often.  This was a wonderful time to catch up with each other and discuss the days events and plan for the evening.  

The Wheelhouse Pub had a wonderful lunch.  Go early as they did fill up and it isn't offered every day.  It was an English Menu with all the best of a real Pub luncheon.  My steak pie was delicious.  

Overall service......Our room was not ready when we arrived.  I was rooming with my sister and the bed was made up as a queen size.  There was a note it would be done as twins before bedtime.  We came back to the room an hour later and it was already done.  Amazing.  The rooms were cleaned and items were refilled twice daily.  We never lacked for anything.  Everyone on staff in all parts of the ship were courteous and anxious to be helpful.  

Entertainment.....I liked all the shows.  They had quite a nice variety for the four nights.  Two musical shows, a magician and a comedienne.  The seats were uncomfortably small for plus size passengers but for most passengers they were fine.   I enjoyed the casino.  I played every night for a couple of hours and broke even.  Another person in our party had enough jackpots she did not spend all the money she brought to play.  She played about twice what I played.   The daily activities I did not participate in except the craft day.  It was well planned and fun to do.  We made greeting cards and it was fun to take them home.  There was a good variety of things to do and entertainment throughout the day.  

Over all Condition .....Every area was clean and polished.  Everything worked as it was supposed to in my stateroom.  Another stateroom in our party had some drainage problems in the shower but it was resolved promptly when notified.  The pool was clean and sparkling,  
I give the Ruby Princess an overall score of A-.  

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Rebecca said…
You are REALLY blessed with all this travel & to end with such a relaxing experience, Jeannie Marie! What a wonderful time to cruise - with all the decorations, etc.
Patty said…
It was such a special trip - I LOVED being with my 3 sisters and my mom! The first time we have gone on a trip together - a mother/daughter trip!!
Diane Writes said…
Hi Jeannie! A cruise!!! It's one item in my bucket list I have yet to fulfil!!!! Hopefully before I turn 40? :)

I enjoyed the photo posts. Thank you for sharing and linking up in my Sunday series.

Gemma Wiseman said…
The little alcove is like a little corner of fantasy. And the ceiling looks as if it is dressed in fairy lights.
SmilingSally said…
Oh, how wonderful! Spending time with family and cruising.

Thanks for playing today.

Happy Blue Monday, Jeannie Marie.
LV said…
I have been on many cruises and enjoyed them very much. Back years ago to me it was the best way to go. However, now they are too many problems. Doubt I will take another.

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