Post Christmas Thrifting

My daughter and I have hit the thrifts like crazy, but honestly, the shops in Florida ROCK compared to the ones I have found here in North Carolina.  Nevertheless each store is a challenge and I have managed to unearth some great 75% off Christmas items!!

I did find these cute little Starbucks ornaments at a dollar apiece! 

 They were fun because we just had our holiday lattes today!

They were cute on all sides!

 One was from 2005
 Two were from 2006

This little guy melted me!  What a great little smile..worth more than the quarter I gave for him.

And then I found his papa, knocked down to $1.25!

So cute together!  
I found them on different tables though.

This one holds a tea cute!
 I can't wait to take him home and test it out!
 Of course I found a Santa Mug! Fifty cents!
 I feel comfortable buying a holiday mug I can tuck away with the Christmas items!
But isn't it cute?  I love the little Santa inside the rim :)

And who could resist a gingerbread man?  Not I!
Especially for a quarter!

Not a lot for all the shops we were in.  I left many shops with nothing!!!  Unheard of for me.
But we aren't through yet!  We are calling in reinforcements and going out again next week.  

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Jill said…
Keep at it, there must be something spectacular out there for you!
Lola said…
Good luck next week - hope it's warmer than here where you are!

And Happy New Year!
Leovi said…
Very funny ceramic creations, beautiful colors! I love them!
I love the Starbucks ornament and I want one! Great finds. It's a shame about the poor thrifting, but you have to figure that Florida would have superb finds with all the retirees there. But you'll find stuff; a dedicated thrifter always does!
PixieVintage said…
Adorable thrifting finds you have! It is so sad when you have to leave a thrift shop empty-handed...ugh! Hopefully things will pick up in your area next time you go out. Happy New Year!
Hi Jeanie Marie, Nothing like finding sweet little ornaments and cute mugs at a great sale. I love those fifty cent deals! Great finds and I know you enjoyed shopping with your daughter.

Happy New Year!
Love those Starbucks ornaments! Happy New Year!
Leovi said…
My best wishes to you Jeannie Marie, thank you very much and a hug. Happy 2014! Leovi.
Vanessa said…
I love the Starbucks ornaments, I'm a sucker for mini-food ;)
Your found some cute items, Jean Marie!

I haven't begun to explore the Thrift stores in my new state of Colorado as yet, but I've seen some big ones nearby that I hope to visit soon.
Louisette said…
Lovely ceramics
happy New Year
20 North Ora said…
Lovely finds. I've done a lot of after holiday shopping at the thrift stores. Fun!


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