Cozumel, Mexico in December

A lovely trip, mid December

Beautiful, misty, windy and cool

Lovely views of the Gulf of Mexico

Sitting on the steps at the beach front

The view from the patio of  the restaurant we found

Traveling on side streets

Of  course,  the Nativity in front of a store

 My taxi view

 Pure loveliness 

 Waiting patiently for her passengers to return.

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Rebecca said…
Oh, what lovely sights! Thanks for sharing them, Jeannie Marie :)

Merry Christmas!
What a fabulous trip! Welcome back! I hope your Christmas is the merriest!
StarTraci said…
I love the beach shots -- I adore the beach in winter!
I showed my daughter your hubby and she just giggled!!!
Have a very merry Christmas, Mrs. Claus!
Rajesh said…
Beautiful shots from your trip.
Unknown said…
I loved Mexico when I lived there. I am not going any further north this season than the capital of Louisiana in the States. Ice. Pffff. No thanks.
(◔‿◔) said…
These are beautiful Impressions of Mexico - spite of caprioles by the weather. In Berlin of Germany we have rain and grey and rain and grey and rain... :(
I wish you a happy evening of Fourth Advent and merry Christmas, Wieczora (◔‿◔)| My photoblog
Leovi said…
Exquisite photos of a rainy day!
Gemma Wiseman said…
A wintry beach can be so inspiring. Lovely beach photos and adore the rain drizzled street scene viewed from the taxi window.
Ileana said…
Nice picture of a beautiful place. Greetings from Romania!
Merry Christmas to you!
Wonderful views indeed. Thanks for sharing your trip :)
BLOGitse said…
What a lucky girl you are - having your own Santa! :)
Happy holidays!
All the best for a year 2014!

SmilingSally said…
Thanks for linking in today with these restful shots.

Merry Christmas and
Happy Blue Monday, Jeanne Marie.
Anonymous said…
Lovely travel photos for HBM ~ Happy Holidays to you, carol, xxx
Patty said…
These are beautiful, Jeannie! You are an expert at editing!!!
scooterbugsmom said…
Great pics! Now I want to visit!
Thank you for sharing these great pictures. I want to go.
Nonnie USA said…
since I can't go there, I appreciate the virtual tour!

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