Architectural Treasure

My latest treasure was this gray metal frame with a white stone, embossed with a very Frenchy design. 

I actually passed it up this $3.00 treasure because it wasn't the exact thing I was looking for.  I wanted something wider and scrolled to cover my cool air return.  After I woke up thinking about it, I hustled myself back to the thrift store.  I decided if it didn't work, I could certainly use it elsewhere, propped up on my mantle maybe.

I've been meaning to get my cool air return grate painted since we moved in, but the bucket of paint left by the contractor got taken out to the shed and other fun things got in the way.  I decided to take care of it today.

  I'm always stunned that I lived with something so long.
We've been here several months.

Finished :-)

I'm still on the hunt for the perfect piece to hide it entirely, but this will do for now!

The fun thing was discovering this in the bucket of paint left by the contractor:

A metal grate of some sort to squeeze the paint out of a roller.  

Now...What can I do with this???


Wendy said…
Very nice! I love the charm it adds. Don't you love/hate when you see something at the thrift store and don't buy it then think about it all night and hope it's there when you go the next time? I do that all of the time, lol.
Looks like something right out of a vintage French apartment ... lovely! ... thank you for sharing at Voila!
Eileen said…
Very awesome piece ! You are lucky it was still there. I'd have woke up thinkin about it too.
I know what you mean about living with things for so long that we just get used to them. I need to paint the door and drawers of my built-in linen closet in my 1952 house. I even took the handles off awhile back, bought new hardware from Home Depot, but STILL haven't painted it. I'm talking plain white paint on old white paint. Not too difficult! LOL! Well, you've inspired me! Maybe I'll get to this sometime this coming week. It's about time since I've lived here over a year. Thanks for sharing your project and for visiting me at Cottage and Creek.

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